STASH Rolls Out Suite Of New Features

Cash Back, Round-Ups, Smart-Stash and DiversifyMe Work to Automate Saving for Millions

STASH, one of the fastest growing investing apps in the US, announced the roll out of a suite of new and improved features to make saving easier for its 3M+ clients. To enhance customization tools and optimize saving opportunities, STASH is launching the following features:

  • Round-Ups to grow savings on auto-pilot. Every time customers spend, STASH will round-up the purchases to the nearest dollar. Each time the round-ups total hits $5, STASH will transfer the spare change to the customer’s personal investment account.
  • Cash Back gives customers the opportunity to earn up to 10% cash back on everyday purchases. Customers can opt-in and then connect up to three credit or debit cards and automatically earn cash back each time they spend at participating retailers nationwide. Based on customer location, the feature will surface cash back offerings nearby, allowing them to conveniently discover new retailers and great deals at places they already shop. Customers can invest the earnings in their favorite stocks or withdraw the money at no cost.

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  • Smart-Stash uses predictive modeling to help customers save money automatically. By analyzing spending and earning patterns Smart-Stash learns when the customer has extra cash to spare. Customers can set a max transfer and pause at anytime. This intelligent feature enables the customer to just turn it on and watch the cash add up.
  • Diversify Me simplifies the portfolio building experience and guides customers towards a well-balanced, diversified foundation in their investment accounts. STASH’s diversification engine automatically constructs starter portfolios that are tailor-made for each customer. Then, customers can  invest their desired amounts with just one tap.

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“It’s not just about a feature set. Helping people get started saving, in whatever way is most convenient for them, has been core to our mission. By leveraging data and smart technology, we hope to help the ~80% of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck* save more as they live their lives,” said Brandon Krieg, CEO & Co-Founder of STASH. “By automating saving tools — whether Cash Back, Round-Ups or Smart-Stash  — STASH customers can save more money and invest for a better financial future.”

Round-Ups and Smart-Stash can be found under the refreshed Auto-Stash experience, in addition to Set-Schedule (formerly known as Auto-Stash) to queue up any repeating investments.  Auto-Stash is now complete with a versatile set of saving and investing strategies that can be customized to fit any customers preferences and budgeting needs.

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