Mavrck Announces New Forecasting Capabilities to Predict Influencer Marketing Performance

Mavrck, the advanced, all-in-one influencer marketing platform, continues its momentum in the New Year, releasing new forecasting capabilities that will help marketers to modernize the goal-setting process by forecasting outcomes and predicting the results of influencer marketing campaigns before they kick off. The new Performance Forecasting campaign features are now available to all Mavrck customers, maintaining Mavrck’s innovation and leadership position in the influencer marketing data space. As Forrester stated last year, “No vendor has taken as grown-up of an approach to fraud as Mavrck,” and Mavrck again raises the bar for influencer marketing data sophistication with this latest release.

“With any marketing campaign, you want to be able to ensure a return on your investment,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck. “Mavrck’s new forecasting capabilities take the guesswork out of influencer campaign performance, allowing brand marketers to estimate how a campaign is going to perform before it even begins and to make changes throughout to better track against campaign goals. This is the future of influencer marketing.”

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Mavrck’s Performance Forecasting campaign features predict and forecast content campaign performance based on influencers’ historical Instagram performances and their current workflow stages. Marketers can:

  • Predict campaign results in real time based on the influencers that they have invited, curated, and accepted.
  • Forecast outcomes and campaign optimization by using Performance Forecasting to see if they’re on track to activate the correct number of influencers to achieve their goals, as well as to determine how they’re pacing towards those goals across overall impressions, engagements, and engagement rates.
  • Set benchmarks and goals for up to three standard timeframes: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly.

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  • Track progress and optimize performance by following indicators for each timeframe to see how they’re pacing towards KPI goals. The progress bar for each metric shows whether marketers are on-pace (green) or off-pace (red) for each metric.

Influencer campaign forecasting is the latest in a series of new capabilities announced by Mavrck over the course of the past year as the company continues to innovate within the influencer marketing data space. Other issues that remain top of mind for Mavrck in 2019 include fraud detection, brand safety, and integrating influencers into the marketing strategy process from start to finish.

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