Inpixon and Aislelabs to Market and Resell Complementary Location Positioning Solutions

Complementary Solutions Enable Both Companies to Meet Wider Range of Customer Needs, From Guest Wi-Fi Marketing to Cybersecurity

Inpixon, a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced it has entered into a two-way reseller arrangement with Aislelabs, a leading provider of Wi-Fi location-based marketing and analytics solutions. Inpixon plans to market and resell Aislelabs Flow and Connect products to Inpixon customers and prospects. Aislelabs will market and resell Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) to Aislelabs customers and prospects. Each company intends to market their expanded product line offerings to a variety of industries including retail, shopping malls, property management, banking, hospitals, schools, airports, mass transit, public venues and government institutions.

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“Inpixon and Aislelabs offerings are highly complementary,” said Nadir Ali, Inpixon CEO. “In fact, there’s a compelling adoption path where customers can subscribe to the Aislelabs solution, which can be quickly implemented because it requires no additional hardware and leverages the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Customers can then incorporate Inpixon IPA Pod sensors in the environment for increased positional specificity. In addition, as customers seek to see more wireless devices, such as Bluetooth and cellular, plus Wi-Fi that hasn’t joined a network, customers could add Inpixon IPA Sensor 4000 series. Therefore, we believe our reseller arrangement will provide for a natural progression of products that will help fulfill customers’ maturing needs as they seek not only increased positional accuracy but also visitor counting as opposed to only device counting.”

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“Many of our Aislelabs customers and prospects ask for the kind of location precision and data resolution provided by Inpixon IPA,” said Nick Koudas, Aislelabs CEO. “More accurate location and counts will give customers the opportunity to better gauge shopper behavior and to conduct even more advanced marketing campaigns. Also, we expect to find strong interest in the cybersecurity uses of Inpixon IPA, as customers seek to gain wireless situational awareness and to pinpoint the source of unauthorized wireless transmissions.”

The companies are actively working on developing Inpixon’s IPA Sensor 4000 integration path and corresponding sales and marketing collateral which is expected to be available on each company’s website by the end of this quarter.

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