The State of Customer Service in 2019: Global Brands Give Their Insights


Incite LogoWith customer expectations evolving at a rapid rate, customer service strategy/delivery is increasingly being seen as an integral part of any customer-facing business. Furthermore, as technological advances continue to democratize the ability to produce new innovations, all brands are increasingly seeking ways in which to differentiate themselves from their competitors — enter customer service.

The Incite Group recently interviewed over 500 executives to understand the transformation trends sweeping across the industry. We wanted to get to the bottom of what customer service leaders are focusing on in 2019 and how they are keeping up with the rate and speed of changing customer expectations.

Access the Incite State of Customer Service Infographic 2019 and receive powerfully detailed statistics into how global brands are directing their budgets, scaling customer care, leveraging chatbots and personalization, and much more.

Download the exclusive infographic today! For more on:

  • The number 1 priorities for in-house customer service leaders: Discover which areas of customer service delivery leading brands are focusing on in 2019, and how investment is changing accordingly.
  • How brands rate their own customer service delivery: Do the stats match up?
  • The benefits that social media support is bestowing on both brands and customers.
  • The future of multichannel support: Do brands view multichannel, social support as providing value to both customer and brand?
  • Why accurate ROI measurement is essential: How ineffective measurement of customer support initiatives’ ROI is affecting leadership buy-in.

Or If you’d like to see the full State of Customer Service Report, you download it here! 

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