Online Auction Platform Catawiki Drives Hyper-Personalization with Selligent Marketing Cloud

Catawiki, the Dutch online auction platform for rare objects, recently chose Selligent Marketing Cloud, as vendor of choice, to power their personalized customer experience and offers. Using Selligent Marketing Cloud, Catawiki will be able to promote its weekly 50,000 new products to the most relevant customers, on the right channel, to drive engagement and conversion.

Catawiki chose Selligent Marketing Cloud because they were seeking a partner with a flexible data architecture that was extensible and could consolidate multiple tools and programs into one integrated and user-friendly platform. Each week, 50,000 new products across 80 categories become available to customers. With Selligent Marketing Cloud, Catawiki can now drive dizzying levels of personalization by targeting products to the right customer at a one-on-one level.

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“We are not a standard ecommerce company and we found that a standard marketing vendor could not deliver the level of personalization needed to create tailored experiences for our customers across email, mobile and newsletters,” said Jeroen van Ittersum, CRM Marketing Lead at Catawiki. “Selligent Marketing Cloud offers us an integrated platform, with a common UI, making it easy for us to view and control our marketing.”

Selligent Marketing Cloud offers Catawiki the ability to deliver personalization with precision. With the ability to optimize content, device, channel and frequency of communications, Catawiki will be leading the market with a Consumer-First attitude.

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Van Ittersum added: “Balancing a constantly-revolving stock with ensuring we are only targeting customers with products and offers that are relevant is a difficult task, working with Selligent Marketing Cloud, we will drive new levels of personalization to make our customer experience even better.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Catawiki,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent Marketing Cloud. “Our platform will enable Catawiki to drive highly personalized experiences that increase conversion, while delivering marketing messages that are valuable and engaging to customers. Meanwhile, our simple-to-use interface means that Catawiki always remain in control.”

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