How AI Empowers Sales Teams to Thrive in the Field

ForceManagerSales teams have traditionally relied on old school methods like pen and paper and end-of-the-week feedback sessions to document client visits and report important insights to managers. However, the digital era is changing the way people work and what they most value: time.

According to a recent report on what millennials in the tech sector want from an employer, over 45% of respondents expect  digitization and connectivity will set the pace with more people opting for flexible working hours and workplace structures. In addition, almost 40% of them also believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice assistants will help optimize workflows and productivity. Thus, technology and AI really enable a very interesting turn at work and provide a way to evolve towards a greater work-life balance.

Now, think about all the things you use your phone for: checking the weather and traffic, ordering lunch, renting a scooter, sending money… From a consumer standpoint, we are hooked. In fact, things that used to require a small amount of time are now done immediately through a simple app. For the majority of us, our phones are our closest confidants; they have become our own personal assistants and we can’t even dream of living without them.

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This is also true within the sales and marketing areas, where the long hours spent on the road leave less time for reporting and preparing sales strategies. At ForceManager, we are committed to transforming the sales industry through digitization and AI. We believe the best tool for sales management is one that most reps already carry — their smartphone. That’s why our sales execution app doubles as a smart assistant for sales teams. We are specialized in mobility and are dedicated to transforming the way industries use technology for on-field sales, providing them with a tool that makes preparing their appointments easy, convenient and effective.

Allowing on-the-ground sales teams to make the most out of their time, ForceManager provides them with geo-location, real-time data and accurate forecasting services. In addition, the personal sales assistant service includes communication and gamification tools, allowing sales representatives to stay connected with their managers as well as in constant communication with their colleagues from their phones.

This, in turn, allows for greater collaboration among teams and eases the sales managers’ work when collating all the information from their reps, in order to accurately predict sales targets and identify risks or reps with low performance. The app provides ultimate visibility and transparency — a direct line between the rep and his or her manager, while also serving as a personal assistant for the user who can even create contracts from the app and get it signed in real time.

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All these features come to life with Dana: our voice-controlled personal assistant that guides sales teams. By just saying “Hey Dana!” it can confirm meetings, perform real-time track progress, organize travel routes and even predict user requirements. Reps can say, “Hey Dana, read me the notes from my last meeting,” and get a quick brief of a client status, or “Hey Dana, is there a better route to get to the meeting?”

Companies such as ForceManager aim to help companies go a step further. For those driving to sales appointments, the smart personal sales assistant service allows them to work, report and log those appointments while they are on the road by plugging their phone into their car dashboard. With technology, you can aim at transforming CRMs into intelligent personal assistants.

Didn’t we say, the digital revolution is already here!

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