Restaurants Turn to this Digital Marketing Company to Increase Sales During COVID-19, a digital marketing agency that specializes in geofencing and mobile advertising, announced today that as part of its brand commitment to both local restaurants and franchise restaurants, all geofencing fees will be deferred until social distancing restrictions are lifted or franchises and restaurants receive the government funding that is available.

Marketing Technology News: Creatio Channel Network Teams Up to Help Organizations Fight Against COVID-19 is offering this limited-time opportunity to a select number of restaurants to express the company’s great empathy and understanding to restaurant workers and the restaurant community as a whole. “Restaurants have never seen a greater challenge than this. They are being forced to pivot their business model and, at the same time, they are concerned for the safety of their employees and customers,” said Matthew Kilmurry, Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketing Technology News: Yext Declares War on Wrong Answers with New Integrated Marketing Campaign is going above and beyond to help restaurants during these uncertain times by giving back to the restaurant community. “We want to help restaurants thrive, not fall financially behind during this crisis. SBA loans are coming. Social restrictions will be lifted. But no one knows when and restaurants need traffic now,” Kilmurry states. “We strongly believe that restaurants deciding to take advantage of’s services now, with no commitment to pay upfront, will see a strong increase in curbside pickup and delivery orders.”

Through uniting with the restaurant community, and restaurant owners can tackle this harsh and unexpected reality, together.

Marketing Technology News: SpotX Teams Up With Media Owners Worldwide To Combat The Spread of COVID-19 with Video PSAs