CleverTap Makes An Entry Into Psychographic Segmentation Using Machine Learning

Clevertap’s Powerful Psychographic Segmentation Engine Is Transforming How Marketers Deliver on the Promise of Retaining Users for Life

The leading mobile marketing platform, CleverTap, announced its entry into the field of psychographic segmentation that sets a new standard for segmenting mobile app users. Psychographic segmentation is an industry-first machine learning capability that sits at the cornerstone of what CleverTap does – help growth marketers deliver on the promise of relationship marketing.

Despite the fact that we live in an age of abundant data, mobile users today expect to receive the right information with the right context. Existing mobile marketing tools help divide the audience by demographics, technographics, location, and app behavior. However, user actions are not always telling of what they are truly interested in. Their behaviors and interests change frequently, based on seasons, sporting events and current affairs. Actions can be one-off behaviors or occasional purchases.

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It is more critical than ever to identify micro-segments of users based on changing needs and pivot marketing efforts to bring timeliness, context and relevance. Of the numerous interactions that users have with a brand, marketers have to identify which ones characterize with their most dominating interests. For example, watching an action movie on one day does not indicate that they are action movie fans. The user’s predominant genre of interest may, in fact, be comedy and the content recommendations should be representative of these predominant interests.

This becomes even more challenging when you have hundreds or millions of users, making it impossible to accomplish contextual messaging at scale. By leveraging the power of machine learning, CleverTap leverages psychographic segmentation capabilities to process millions of data points across an entire user base to determine micro-segments of audiences. By determining a propensity or affinity towards one thing over all others, it helps establish an effective match between products and each user’s dominant interests.

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With psychographic segmentation, marketers are able to anticipate user needs and predict what product or message will resonate the most with which micro-segment. They are able to find an accurate and a more intuitive way of understanding how users like to spend time on their app. It allows them to run targeted campaigns and significantly increase the chances of conversion.

Leading marketers are finding success with CleverTap’s psychographic segmentation to help them identify the most intelligent way to engage users along their customer journey. For instance, finding users most likely to purchase limited seats of a movie based on their genre of interest and viewing time preferences. With psychographic segmentation, marketers can now send the best offer to the user most likely to find value in it and ensure that their product inventory finds its most optimal buyers.

Sunil Thomas
Sunil Thomas

“Interest-based psychographic segmentation is a significant breakthrough that equips marketers to target much more relevant content to users based on their dominant or significant behavior. In early usage, the engagement rates are more than double as compared to engagement with behavior segments. The content and timing is just a whole lot better and users react to it more,” said Sunil Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at CleverTap.

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