DISH Adds Apple Messages to Take the Friction Out of Customer Service

DISH Turns to Apple Business Chat, Allowing Customers to Connect with Messages on iPhone and iPad

Customers can now start a conversation with DISH the same way they would text message friends and family. DISH joined Apple Business Chat, enabling customers to chat directly with live customer service representatives through Messages on their iPhone and iPad.

DISH is the first pay-TV provider to turn on Apple Business Chat, which launched earlier this year.

John Swieringa
John Swieringa

“TV should be simple, so we’ve made reaching our live customer service representatives as easy as sending a text,” said John Swieringa, DISH chief operating officer. “Adding messaging with Apple Business Chat is a powerful way to connect with us, giving another choice so you can pick what fits with your life.”

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DISH customers can use Apple Business Chat to contact a live agent to ask questions, make account changes, schedule an appointment and more. They can also use their credit card on file to order a pay-per-view movie or sporting event and watch it within minutes of confirming the purchase. Apple Business Chat does not display customer contact information to an agent, so customers are in complete control of whether they want to share any contact information and can authenticate their account to make changes or purchases.

“We’re here on your time, so send us a message as you head out to work and check back later,” added Swieringa. “We know you’re juggling ten things, so we’ll keep the thread open for you.”

Customers can leave a conversation with DISH at any time and pick it back up when convenient, even on another Apple device linked to the user’s Apple ID. The conversation never times out and ends when a customer deletes the message thread in the Messages app.

To start an Apple Business Chat, customers can search for DISH on iPhone or iPad, then tap the Messages icon that appears next to the DISH search result. Soon customers can even open chat from the contact page of their MyDISH app, which allows customers to easily view and manage their DISH TV account. Devices must be running iOS 11.3 or higher.

Last year, DISH confronted the pay-TV industry’s historically low customer satisfaction with “Tuned In To You,” a DISH TV promise to listen to and fight for customers. DISH is ranked number one in Customer Service nationally by J.D. Power and our customers.

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