Bambuser Expands Live Video Shopping Production Capabilities for with Launch of Dual Hosting & External Camera Compatibility

Latest platform developments bring retailers greater flexibility and control over creation and delivery of interactive e-commerce experiences

Bambuser announced the launch of new dual host broadcasting capabilities and compatibility with external cameras and software, two in-demand features that give brands and retailers greater flexibility and control over their Live Video Shopping productions. The product updates closely follow several other major platform enhancements released to help customers increase awareness of and drive traffic to their interactive e-commerce initiatives.

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Dual Hosting for Split Screen Broadcasting

Bambuser’s Dual Hosting solves production challenges posed by stay-at-home recommendations and social distancing requirements, enabling Live Video Shopping events to have hosts and guests in different locations. As part of the Broadcaster app for iOS, Dual Hosting enables brands and retailers to easily produce shows featuring different hosts, guests and other influencers, each from a different location. The platform currently supports two simultaneous connections without lag, quality degradation or interruption to the platform’s e-commerce functionality.

During extensive beta testing, Bambuser observed lifts in viewer engagement metrics such as the quantity of activities in the live chat during shows that leveraged dual hosting. The company attributes this improved performance to the more immersive and conversational nature of the split screen, dual host experience.

Bambuser’s dual host broadcasting is currently in final testing and will be rolling out broadly within the next couple of months.

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External Camera Compatibility

Expanding on the platform’s extensive mobile capabilities, Bambuser now supports the use of external hardware and software in show production. By leveraging Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), Bambuser now provides brands and retailers with more opportunities to create shows using the cameras and other tools of their choosing. With this added flexibility, they have more opportunity to deliver unique experiences and polished programs in line with their brands.

“Every day, our development team focuses on anticipating the needs of our customers as well as our customers’ customers. We’re incredibly proud to announce dual hosting and external camera compatibility, as we believe these features deliver benefit to both those groups,” said Jesper Funck, Chief Product Officer at Bambuser. For our retail and brand partners, we’re giving more power to customize the format and production quality of their shows. For their customers who participate in Live Video Shopping, we’re offering more engaging and interactive experiences that are consistently the highest quality possible.”

A pioneer in live video streaming since inception in 2007, Bambuser is pursuing an aggressive product development strategy to ensure the platform remains the most feature rich and robust available. The company is leveraging the recent investment of $60 million from renowned fashion and technology investor Anders Holch Povlsen along with Lancelot Asset Management AB, TIN Fonder and Handelsbanken Fonder, to accelerate its timeline for rolling out new capabilities.

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