PFL Enhances Tactile Marketing Automation, Command Center Products

New capabilities empower brands to create remarkable, intent-driven tactile experiences

PFL, the pioneer and leader in tactile marketing automation, announces new capabilities and product updates that empower marketing teams to create remarkable brand experiences via automated, intent-driven tactile marketing. Because PFL is merging its Tactile Marketing Automation solution with SwagIQ, now called Experience Enablement, users can trigger tactile marketing automatically or manually within one product. Additionally, enhancements to the Command Center make it easier to attribute results to marketing efforts.  Previously, empowering sales teams to manually send tactile marketing was only achievable with the SwagIQ product. Now, the Tactile Marketing Automation solution for Salesforce provides users with the full range of PFL capabilities. In addition to triggering tactile marketing campaigns manually or automatically based on customer intent data, PFL customers using Tactile Marketing Automation in Salesforce will receive several other enhancements:

  • The product can now easily handle large order sizes without depleting Salesforce resources, like CPU and Heap Size, improving performance and scalability of tactile marketing efforts.
  • This update streamlines tools for tracking and measuring tactile marketing’s impact on campaign results. Campaign member status will automatically update as a direct mail piece goes through its full lifecycle, including in-progress, shipped, delivered, and unable to deliver.
  • Admins can customize the address options displayed in campaign creation and the Experience Enablement order process based on any field, including custom fields. A physical address is no longer required for Preferred Address Capture or eGift emails.
  • Tactile Marketing Automation now supports Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption for specific objects and fields, offering a whole new layer of security while preserving critical platform functionality.

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“Our commitment to make it easier for customers to deliver a remarkable brand experience is what drives our product innovation today,” said Daniel Gaugler, CPO of PFL. “We’ve made it simple for marketing and sales professionals to create intent-driven, personalized tactile experiences — on one single platform. And, our scalability, measurement, and security upgrades make PFL the only enterprise-grade solution for tactile marketing automation.”  In addition to enhancements made to the Tactile Marketing Automation product, PFL is making it easier to attribute results to specific marketing efforts with PFL Command Center enhancements. The Command Center has new order history details, an advanced search feature, and export functionality. These updates improve customers’ ability to find and review tactile marketing data so they can make better business decisions, more quickly. Lastly, PFL made Single Sign-On available to all its solutions, enabling faster and more secure logins.

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