BDS Launches New Video-Powered, Click-To-Connect Selling Solution

BDS announced the official launch of Tap-a-Tech, its new video-powered, click-to-connect selling solution that augments the shopping experience, both online and in-store. Tap-a-Tech is one of many recent digital-first innovations from BDS that are designed to create brand hype, power engaging experiences, forge connections, boost conversions, and re-instill consumer confidence.

With limits on person-to-person contact and lingering COVID-19 concerns going into the holidays, consumers are increasingly relying on alternative shopping experiences, such as social selling, BOPIS, e-commerce, and chatbot customer service, to meet their needs. Tap-a-Tech overcomes common shopping obstacles, like choice paralysis and lack of product information, by allowing shoppers to connect one-on-one with brand representatives through a completely touchless, web-based experience that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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The solution replicates the traditional trusted shopping experience via video with a simple tap of a screen. Online shoppers can connect with a live brand representative over video by clicking a button integrated into a product’s webpage. Alternatively, brick-and-mortar shoppers can use their mobile device to scan a QR code that is affixed to a product’s package or display for instant contactless assistance. Behind the scenes, brands can control the look and feel of the experience by stationing experts in a variety of settings: at home, in-store, or in a custom branded BrightShop space.

“At BDS, we’re focused on developing innovative digital-first solutions that create a better user experience for brands and their customers,” said Sean Ludick, President of BDS. “Tap-a-Tech combines everything that BDS is known for – great people-first customer service, top-notch talent, and an unforgettable experience – all delivered in an accessible-from-anywhere omnipresent environment that drives sales.”

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Not only does Tap-a-Tech enable brands to deliver an engaging, video-powered shopping experience, but it also provides a way for consumers to get expert advice while shopping for products online, in-store, and on-the-go. The solution ultimately allows brands to streamline customer service in the digital space, reinvent traditional in-store sales strategies, and generate conversions at every stage in the buyer’s journey.

“Tap-a-Tech is a groundbreaking, best-in-class solution that doesn’t require any special software downloads or app installations,” said Andrew Catapano, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing at BDS. “With a simple click of a button, the technology gives consumers a safe, convenient, informative, and transformative brand experience, regardless of when, where, or how they’re shopping.”

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