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How to Break Through the Marketing Clutter: Red Paper Plane Launches Enhanced E-Commerce Site with High-Impact Designs

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Interactive, Dimensional Print Communications Deliver High ROI

Red Paper Plane (RPP), the only resource for design-it-yourself dimensional mail and marketing materials, announces the launch of an enhanced e-commerce website with state-of-the-art products, improved navigation and a streamlined ordering process to bring messaging to life. With a 5 Star Trust Pilot rating, RPP’s unique and high-impact formats, featuring video in print brochures, pop-ups and virtual reality viewers, are uniquely effective at helping clients reach new prospects, making complex messaging easier to understand and getting the attention of hard-to-reach decision makers. RPP, the award-winning division of Structural Graphics that pioneered interactive and dimensional print communications, offers an easy process of choosing a distinctive design, downloading its template, uploading artwork and proofing using custom-designed three-dimensional online tools, all backed by a fast-turn production process.

Red Paper Plane excels at marrying innovative print design with cutting edge technology to provide the perfect solution for designers and marketers who are willing to break out of the norm in order to break through the clutter,” says Kevin Gilligan, CEO of Structural Graphics. “Our high-impact products are proven to exponentially increase ROI and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.”

Using dimension, movement, electronics and video, RPP’s interactive solutions stand out and drive superior results. Their designs drive response rates which are, on average three times greater than those of conventional marketing solutions like direct mail. Data & Marketing Association’s 2018 Response Rate Report found that while email marketing can be inexpensive, it is regularly ignored. In fact, direct mail receives higher average response rates than any digital direct response channel. Their study found that direct mail averages more than five percent, while email, social and paid search each average about 1 percent, with online display garnering only .03 percent.

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Based on a review of RPP’s 2018 data, the top four industries that represent 70 percent of RPP’s revenue are higher education (colleges and universities), agencies, professional services and financial services. The redesigned web site also includes enhanced industry pages that speak directly to the needs of these key industries by highlighting work examples and success stories and giving them easy access to proven products.

Interactive Print Campaigns Stick: They Reach Younger, New Audiences in a Digital Age

Specifically, marketers are focused on reaching the digitally savvy Generation Z, who they have found exhibit a short, eight-second attention span, and then capturing their attention and influencing their decision-making. It has been increasingly more difficult and less effective for marketers since this demographic is taking proactive steps to block online and email marketing.

A competitive industry constantly seeking the attention of this demographic is higher education, one of Red Paper Plane’s top client industries. Colleges and universities are competing for students — and their eight-second attention spans — and have found they respond much better to experiences. For example, Red Paper Plane has interactive formats and video technology to help students experience a campus tour before watching online or even stepping on the grounds.

Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas used RPP’s Exploding Page format as a recruitment mailer for prospective students, which resulted in 26 percent more applications for admission than the previous year. They were so happy with the results of the campaign that they decided to produce 10,000 more later in the same year.

In the financial sector, Indianapolis-based Financial Center First Credit Union’s (FCFCU) campaign development manager, Courtney Cooper, was drawn to Red Paper Plane’s unique and interactive Flapper® design for her firm’s new student account program because it folds continually in on itself, revealing four separate layers of messaging.

“We wanted something really different and eye-catching,” said Cooper. “Something that they wouldn’t be able to put down. I did see research showing that these types of pieces are not likely to be thrown away. They stick with people more and I think it’s exciting to be able to play with a marketing piece.”   

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High-Impact Product Highlights


Some 52 percent of marketers across the globe report that video is their highest ROI marketing tool. RPP offers several formats of delivering engaging video content in print, including video screen boxes, telescoping flip sliders, pop displays and brochures.

Interactive Print

Delivering a marketing message with a fun factor is proven to be effective because of the element of surprise. RPP offers several designs in print that ensure a brand message will stand out: The Pop Up arrives flat and then surprisingly springs into its dimensional shape when removed from its carrier to become a desktop display; The Exploding Page looks like a conventional four-page folder, but when opened, it explodes to double its original size; The Flapper folds continually into itself, revealing four separate layers of messaging ranging from text, photographs, and even QR codes; and patented The Extendo® has two hidden panels moving in opposite directions, which are revealed with the pull of a tab.

Virtual Reality Viewer

Virtual Reality is an effective way of immersing target audiences in brand experiences. RPP’s SleekPeeks® line of Virtual Reality viewers has a format for every client’s budget and offers styles that fold flat for easy and affordable mailing, along with their own popular cardboard model. Every viewer comes with Google-certified lenses.

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