Logiq Partners with Peer39 to Bring Advanced Pre-Bid Keyword, Contextual & Brand Safety Solutions to E-Commerce Marketing

Logiq, Inc., a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has partnered with Peer39 to provide small and medium-sized brands (SMBs), and the agencies that serve them, with the industry’s largest and most scaled pre-bid keyword, contextual and brand safety solutions for modern marketers. Integrated within Logiq’s Digital Marketing platform, Logiq’s clients will have direct access to Peer39’s industry-leading capabilities within a single experience.

With the continued evolution of regulation and media platform policies for how third-party data and cookies can be utilized by online marketers, contextual targeting is experiencing a “renaissance” with its prominence into a marketer’s digital advertising campaigns. Today’s natural language processors can scan a page of written content and immediately relay to a marketer the nuances and sentiment on the page to inform whether or not to bid for an ad placement.

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Peer39 provides marketers the ability to assess, in real-time, context of media on webpages, mobile apps and other forms of digital content. The contextual offering can be targeted or avoided based on IAB’s standard contextual taxonomy and Peer39’s proprietary categories, as well as with custom keyword categories tailored to a marketer’s unique campaign and customer acquisition goals. Additionally, Peer39 offers other innovative solutions such as:

  • Targeting and avoidance based on-page signals (such as likes, comments, social media activity, the number of ads on a page, and the presence of video), all helping advertisers understand and leverage the holistic quality of the environment their message is delivered within.
  • Context in mobile App and Mobile Web environments.
  • Contextual targeting for OTT-CTV campaigns.
  • Targeting based on the local weather conditions of the user.
  • Identifying whether or not a publisher’s webpage content has a positive or negative sentiment.
  • Brand suitability controls that enable marketers to target media around content that is aligned to their specific risk profile, thus avoiding hazardous content that may be too violent or mature for their targeted consumers, along with the ability to implement industry-specific brand safety categories to avoid negative content.

Through this partnership, Logiq will make these Peer39 controls available within the Logiq Digital Marketing platform. Within a single sign-in experience, Logiq clients will be able to access and leverage these Peer39 capabilities directly into their digital marketing campaigns and measure results straight from their Logiq dashboard and reports.

“We are very excited to be a Logiq strategic partner,” said Alex White, chief operating officer of Peer39. “E-commerce advertisers’ needs are unique, and they benefit from more in-depth contextual insights. The ability to customize and scale digital campaigns in the right context, based on unique and customized needs, gives e-commerce marketers a valuable tool to add to their multi-channel advertising strategies. Customized contextual targeting provides the depth these advertisers need to target users based on any product in every aisle of their virtual stores.”

Manny Puentes, president of Logiq Digital Marketing, commented: “This partnership marks a great first step of many we will have with Peer39. Their customized contextual targeting, local weather signals, and brand suitability controls, all can be leveraged throughout our Logiq Digital Marketing platform. Our clients can take these signals and customize their bidding algorithm to provide even more precision and transparency to when and how much they will bid for an advertising opportunity. This will give our clients an even greater advantage to successfully compete for more consumers online.”

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