NutGain is introducing ZOR Web 3.0: A First Fully Integrated Online Ecosystem

ZOR is the world’s first browser to host a fully integrated dApps such as DeFi, Crypto Wallet, Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, e-commerce, and decentralized storage

NutGain is proud to announce our latest project in development. ZOR is the world’s very first online browser to host a fully integrated Decentralized Applications such as DeFi, Crypto Wallet, Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, e-commerce ecosystem, and decentralized storage.

ZOR offers a series of decentralized platforms giving users access to powerful technological tools and unique advantages in blockchain space.

Emergent technologies in the digital space have opened tremendous opportunities for consumers and sellers alike.

From cryptocurrencies, to smart browsing applications, to online retail stores, these tools have each revolutionized the way groups and individuals interact online in both the social and commercial domains.

ZOR is the unified platform on which all of these technologies can be accessed by users in a seamless and integrated way.

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Blockchain Foundations

The innovation of ZOR lies in its cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure.

In addition to giving the browser its top-notch security, the blockchain foundations is what gives ZOR its integrative capacity: ZOR is built for adding additional features and tools by both system administrators and individual community members over time.

Think of an internet browser that functions as the basis for all personalized creative apps – from communication tools, to video editors, to online gaming. The best part is the entire ZOR community can benefit from the additions of all the platform’s users.


The ZOR browser comes with a full suite of built-in, state-of-the-art applications.

A fully functional crypto-wallet, app construction templates, and the very latest in online group gaming are just some of the features included in ZOR.

The browser also comes equipped with its very own custom firewall. The program embodies the very highest in IT security standards and ensures the platform will remain safe for both individual users and the entire ecosystem as a whole. In addition to the ZOR firewall, the browser offers a built-in VPN to help guarantee the privacy of each and every user.

Next-Level User Experience

ZOR was designed to give users the very best in an online browsing experience.

With ZOR, users will surf the web ad-free, and take advantage of the browsers lighting fast loading and streaming speeds.

ZOR’s architecture also limits tracking and cookies by the sites visited, making sure users do not have to compromise their anonymity in order to access the web or hold on to excessive browsing data.

Customized Surfing

ZOR’s goal is to enable users to create their own unique web experience.

This is why ZOR comes with features designed for personal input and augmentation.

The browsers comprehensive News Board makes to update on all the breaking stories most relevant to business and interests. ZOR’s custom taskbar allows seamless access to all of the platform’s built-in features as well as any custom apps users need.

Your Data, Your Profit

The central feature of the ZOR browser is the ability it gives users to control the flows of their browsing data.

This means the ability to manage the outflow of information on the sites they visit.

Through the browser’s User Data Platform, ZOR puts users’ personal data back into their own hands. Until now, surfing data was, by default, siphoned off to service providers who then monetize the information for marketing.

ZOR returns this incredibly valuable data asset to full control of individual users, who can then leverage it for their own benefit.

If a user decided to disclose their browsing data, the information is collected with complete anonymity marked only with a digital identification number. This data is rewarded with crypto-credit community members can then redeem for exclusive e-commerce offers available only to the ZOR community. Alternatively. The credit can be redeemed for other cryptocurrencies, a function of the built-in crypto wallet.

Join the Next Stage

By bringing all of these capabilities together, ZOR has become the next stage in online evolution.

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