First Carbon Launches its Channel on the Discord Social Media Platform Discord Channel Facilitates Discussion About Carbon Credit NFTs and is Now Part of a Platform that is Used by a Community of Over 46 Million Users Per Month

First Carbon Corp., a developer of a proprietary, decentralized, carbon credit non-fungible token (“NFT”) onboarding platform, is pleased to provide the details for the launch of its channel on the Discord social media platform (“Discord”). is the Company’s user-friendly interface that is being developed to enable carbon offset holders to easily convert their credits into highly customizable and ERC-1155-compliant NFTs. With the launch of the channel on Discord, an endless number of carbon offset holders, investors and other parties interested in the community can now chat directly with operators.

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Discord is a free, secure and rapidly growing voice, video and text-based communication application currently used by more than 46 million users each month. The integration of Discord into the ecosystem will create a community through which users can talk about NFT values, carbon offset pricing trends, and the securitization of carbon offset markets. This is expected to evoke valuable discussion and community input, while generating significant traffic towards’s proprietary minting platform and digitized token offerings.

Leveraging the power of the blockchain and the low-emission, Ethereum-powered Polygon network, the NFTs minted on will be able to be listed for trading on decentralized marketplaces such as Every customised NFT is being planned to be embedded with unique characteristics and may potentially represent millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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Management Commentary

“A first-of-its-kind in the carbon credit industry,” said Mo Yang, CEO of First Carbon, “the Discord channel now enables offset holders, individuals and other stakeholders to chat directly with our platform’s operators, ask them questions, offer input and receive feedback on the minting and selling of carbon credit NFTs.”

Derek McKenzie, Chief Operating Officer of First Carbon, further commented, “Building a global and connected community is an important component of our big picture strategy. We believe that Discord, as one of the fastest growing online communities in the world, will play a critical role in help us to achieve critical mass.”

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