MarTech Interview with Peyman Zamani, CEO and Co-founder at Logicbroker

As retail outlets embrace digital transformation and brands optimize how they sell to end users with sophisticated eCommerce features, there will be a growing demand for specific capabilities in this niche, Peyman Zamani, CEO and Co-founder at Logicbroker weighs in with a few thoughts:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Peyman, it’s good to have you here! Tell us more about yourself and what your journey as CEO at Logicbroker has been like through all these years…  

Great to be here! I have always been fascinated by technology and how it can help us do our jobs better and more efficiently, which is why I got a degree in computer science back in the 90s. Shortly after, I realized my new found passion (beyond the technology) was eCommerce. It was a very different business back then – no SaaS or anything like that.

This ultimately became the vision for Logicbroker: creating a platform as a service that focused on bringing companies together to help them grow their online business. At the time, I was working for Office Depot, had three kids and a wonderful wife – and left my cushy job to start Logicbroker. Today, we work with Fortune 500 companies like Samsung – providing technology and support for its marketplace drop ship in various regions globally.

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We’d love to hear more about Logicbroker’s recent funding and what’s in store for the platform in terms of innovations and add-ons that end users can watch out for…  

Logicbroker secured more than $135 million from K1 Investment management, a leading investment firm focused on high-growth enterprise software companies across the world. K1 shares our passion for modernizing digital commerce, and partnering with them allows us to scale globally. With K1, we will continue to deliver the latest technology and solutions to our customers and help them succeed wherever they choose to sell and however they choose to ship. 

This partnership comes at a time when omnichannel customer engagement plays a crucial part in companies’ success – and drop shipping is a critical component of that omnichannel growth. Logicbroker’s mission has always been to deliver next-level drop ship automation and has revolutionized marketplace selling through its curated marketplace solution.  

How are you seeing digital commerce trends evolve in today’s marketplace?  

We’re seeing a deep divide between the businesses that are embracing digital transformation and the ones that are steadfast in tradition. The truth is, traditional retail stores where you walk in, buy something and leave, will probably fall into what many call the retail apocalypse. The businesses that will avoid it are the ones that are investing in their online sales, omnichannel capabilities, expanding their product assortment and inventory access, and making sure they can reach the customer however they choose to shop. 

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Can you talk about the future of digital commerce and how brands will benefit more if they embrace eCommerce and related channels to drive growth in the market?  

I wish businesses would become omnichannel and implement drop ship as their number one goals. Businesses that do so, like Amazon, are so successful because they embrace the tools designed to streamline, simplify and amplify a great customer experience. The best experiences are when consumers are looking for a product and can find it right away. When you go to a traditional retail store and go to find a product – it’s always that easy. That’s why businesses need to have innovation at heart. 

Can you talk about a few of the most innovative eCommerce technologies you’ve come across from the global market?  

Besides Logicbroker (of course) I would say that some of the most innovative eCommerce technologies involve concepts like  curbside pickup and package lockers. Not just the self-serve delivery locations, but the idea that you can pick out what you want in store and grab a latte, then when you come back your order is waiting for you in a locker. This technology could change the way we shop and could become our malls.   

Some last thoughts and eCommerce takeaways and predictions for 2022 before we wrap up?  

We focus mainly in the eCommerce space and I think we’re going to continue seeing what we at Logicbroker call, “Retail Reimagined” where traditional retail outlets embrace technology. I think we’ll see exponential growth in this space and cool innovations as a result of digital influence. 

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Logicbroker - Crunchbase Company Profile & FundingLogicbroker’s drop ship platform connects buyers, sellers, 3PLs, and the systems they rely on at record speed, empowering them to sell more products, reach more customers, and pivot quickly to maintain their edge in an ever-evolving eCommerce universe.

Peyman Zamani is the CEO and co-founder at Logicbroker

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