Peter Pru, CEO of Ecommerce Empire Builders, Publishes the Definitive Guide to Building an Online Business

Entrepreneur Peter Pru established a multimillion-dollar ecommerce empire through a self-taught process shaped by the lessons of failure. From that experience, Pru founded Ecommerce Empire Builders in 2016 to help students navigate the competitive world of online sales. Now, Pru is sharing his proven blueprint to building an ecommerce empire in a new book.

‘Ecommerce Empire: The Definitive Guide to Starting & Scaling a Future-Proof Online Business’ distills Pru’s 13-year story of triumphs and setbacks into a complete vision for success. Released Jan. 1, 2022, the book teaches everyone how to build an ecommerce business quickly and without experience.

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‘Ecommerce Empire’ is more than a how-to manual. Pru has created a comprehensive guide to creating an ecommerce business from scratch. The program answers the key questions to starting and growing a business. For instance:

  • How do I find the perfect product niche?
  • Where do I source products?
  • How do I design the right sales funnel?
  • How do I solve customer problems better than the big online retailers?

Pru takes his students inside the foundation of online sales, sharing the three keys to selling anything to anyone. ‘Ecommerce Empire’ puts people in charge of their futures with a clear, simple-to-use program that details the essential steps to creating a profitable, sustainable, and fulfilling business.

“You don’t need sophisticated skills in data analysis or marketing to be successful in ecommerce,” Pru says. “You also don’t need a rich benefactor or investors. What you do need is control, and this book will give anyone the confidence to be in control of everything they do.”

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