Referral Marketing Platform Talkable Reports on eCommerce Trends of 2020

Talkable defines personalization and privacy as primary trends that influence the current situation on the US eCommerce market

Talkable, the leading referral program provider powering over 250 brands, has released a report on the top eCommerce trends of 2020. The trends focus heavily on personalization and privacy, as well as the shift from traditional ad platforms to more interactive and personalized formats.

The list includes the most prevalent ideas defined by leading industry marketers, analytics, and demonstrated by statistics from Statista and the US Department of Commerce.

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Stacey Ukhova, Head of Campaign Management at Talkable, says, “I think ‘conscious acquisition’ is a great trend. This means acquiring new customers via smaller channels, like mid- and micro-influencers, referral marketing, and brand Instagram accounts. Since the message about the brand is sent by real people you may know, it is more appealing than a generic Facebook ad, just like the dozens you already see every day.”

The Talkable eCommerce Trends Report aims to make it easier for merchants to build a marketing strategy for their stores, as well as make profitable business plans adapted for today’s market. The data that Talkable has gathered shows the disposition of market forces from above rather than from outside.

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Talkable’s 2020 eCommerce trends are:

  1. The online advertising bubble bursts
  2. Interactive emails leave standard ones in the dust
  3. Privacy and Personalizations become top priorities
  4. Free and fast shipping
  5. Amazon’s reign at the top begins to end
  6. AR and AI change the buying process
  7. New adaptations on social media make it all the more indispensable
  8. Mobile becomes the top shopping platform

Each trend is explained with a real-world demonstration.

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