TPN Paves New Path For Industry With The Launch Of OmniBlack

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TPN, the creative commerce agency, announced the official launch of OmniBlack, an initiative that will double down on the company’s commitment to the black community both inside and outside its walls. OmniBlack, which is being led by the agency’s black colleagues, will aim to change the course of TPN’s experiences, stories and perspective, all with the goal of further enriching the client work, culture, soul and success of the agency and industry at large.

“As a leader, it’s always been my priority to be real, to be vulnerable, to be human,” said Sharon Love, CEO of TPN. “And during a year where there has been so much uncertainty, instability and vulnerability, I knew that we needed meaningful change. More than that, I knew that I couldn’t do it alone and needed to harness the collective power of my black colleagues to make a real difference. OmniBlack is so much more than just a DE&I initiative that checks a box. It’s about taking something from good to great and about breaking down the potential invisibility that exists for our black colleagues and industry partners.”

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OmniBlack’s goal is to implement meaningful and real change that will be put into action across all TPN touchpoints, including employees, partners and vendors. The initiative has been created around seven key areas of focus:

  • Partnerships and Community: Connecting and liaising with other DE&I groups and initiatives inside and outside Omnicom.
  • Allyship: Creating a culture that unequivocally rejects racism and all other -isms, as well as elevates and affirms visibility of diverse cultures.
  • Recruitment: Helping to activate more diverse and inclusive recruitment and hiring.
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship: Creating opportunities for focused and empathetic mentorship, upward growth and support at all levels.
  • Product & Process: Reflecting DE&I in TPN’s product and how the agency works with creative partners, casting, images and voices.
  • Capabilities: Building TPN’s multi-cultural capabilities so it can authentically serve clients with diverse targets.
  • New Business for Economic Development and Social Impact: Seeking BIPOC-owned, -led and -consumer targeted businesses to help drive growth and create more opportunities.

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“When we first got together to put a structure around OmniBlack, it felt overwhelming and difficult to digest, especially as a black female leader in the industry,” said Elaine Bragg, an executive creative director for TPN. “I drew upon the very powerful idea of eating an elephant one bite as a time. We know that change cannot happen overnight, but with dedicated leaders and a real commitment from our agency, we know we can break through and make a real difference.”

“OmniBlack truly is a highlight of my 32-year career,” said Love. “It is a true extension of our TPN Soul and commitment to giving each of our colleagues the permission to bring their whole selves to work. But it doesn’t just live within the walls of TPN. Our hope is that this will catch on like wildfire and that the Omnicom family, as well as the industry at large, will join us on this incredibly important and monumental journey to empower and lift up the black community.”

TPN’s first OmniBlack-inspired events and actions include:

  • External speaking event
  • Black Futures Event
  • Creation of the “TPN lunch table,” which serves as a safe space for support, affirmation and community
  • Development of Unconscious Bias 3.0 training

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