Madgicx Rolls Out Suite of Creative Intelligence Tools to Improve Return on Ad Spend and Other KPIs Across Facebook, Instagram, Google

By automatically tagging all creative elements including product images, ad copy, creative, and video in all ad formats against all targeting categories, Madgicx enables digital marketers to optimize campaign performance based on a comprehensive data analysis

With optimization the key to success in digital marketing, Facebook, and Google-based ad optimization platform Madgicx has found success for the company’s 25,000 customers through a focus on granularity.

By tagging every element of every ad – every image, every word of copy, every video frame and every ad creative unit – and analyzing it through the company’s AI and machine learning technology, Madgicx can offer digital marketers the tools to automatically or manually optimize every campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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“Today, most ad optimization solutions can tell you which campaign performed best, and encourage you to increase spend on that campaign,” said Madgicx co-founder and CEO Yahav Hartman, “But that campaign’s performance will drop. Marketers need to know ‘Why’ that and other campaigns are doing well, and ‘What is the next best move’ they can do to improve performance. And they need tools that will execute against this creative intelligence uncovered.”

“We developed Madgicx to make data-driven online advertising knowledge and technology available to every marketer. We use object recognition and computer visioning technology to enable marketers to focus on the high-performing attributes which drive successful campaigns – an object, a product, a person’s image, a phrase, an emoji, a creative type, format, or dimension, or a specific promotion. This allows marketers to instantly tailor content at scale across all products, regions, and target audiences,” added Yahav.

Creative Insights provides marketers with a dashboard with icons for all ad and creative unit types. The dashboard features a creative matrix that facilitates viewing every ad unit according to ad spend and revenue generated to easily see which ads are over-and underperforming. Madgicx then enables marketers to filter each ad according to its creative type, ad dimensions, placement, audience age and gender, device type, and funnel stage (acquisition, retargeting, and retention), which provides a data analyst’s view for restructuring campaigns to improve performance. Of course, Madgicx’s technology can also autonomously optimize the ads and campaigns.

For example, using Madgicx’s Creative Insights, Gagliardi understood that their videos were too long and underperforming and that using human models in their ads improved their performance significantly in comparison to using mannequins. As a result of what Gagliardi’s marketing team learned from Madgicx’s Creative Insights, the company rolled out shorter, better-performing video ads that featured human models, which enabled increasing Return On Ad Spend by 2.6X and while decreasing cost per purchase by 58% in a few weeks.

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At the core of Madgicx’s solution is the company’s automated tagging technology which uses computer visioning and creative learning technologies to extract creative elements from billions of ad data points including product shots, lines of ad copy, backgrounds, creative media, ad formats, etc. Once tagged, Madgicx’s proprietary machine learning and AI technology analyzes ad performance according to tagged elements and presents performance according to the defined attributes in the Creative Insights dashboard. When used over time, the Creative Insights dashboard provides marketers with a holistic view of their advertising, enabling them to ride each wave of creative success and avoid ad fatigue.

“Thanks to Madgicx’s AI tagging, Gagliardi improves the performance of our Facebook marketing, dramatically increasing Return on Ad Spend while significantly decreasing cost per purchase,” said Andrew Bonnici, Head of Ecommerce at the Bortex Group (which owns Gagliardi). “By analyzing our ad creative, Madgicx’s Creative Insights enables us to better tailor our content to audiences from different countries which facilitates increasing sales and improving conversion rates in existing markets while also breaking cost-effectively into new markets. No other solution we’ve used provides this level of creative insights while also improving campaign performance.”

Since launching in 2018, Madgicx has enabled more than 25,000 global customers to go beyond ad optimization on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The company provides an omnichannel ad management platform designed for incrementality and autonomous ad buying and built for exponential business growth.

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