Versa Products Selects StrikeTru & MediaValet to Accelerate Digital Transformation With Integrated PIM & DAM Solution


StrikeTru and MediaValet team up to announce a new client win

StrikeTru and MediaValet team up to announce a new client win – the leading PIM Implementation specialist and Gartner-recognized enterprise DAM platform announced today a joint project for Versa Products Company, a world-class manufacturer of pneumatic valves and components.

StrikeTru will deliver and manage the digital transformation of Versa’s existing ERP technology-based data and ecommerce environments to a cloud PIM and DAM based integrated ecommerce solution, that will improve Versa’s ecommerce channel sales and customer experiences.

By implementing a turnkey PIM-DAM solution, that integrates tightly with Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) and Magento ecommerce (Adobe Commerce), Versa will be able to power its website with high-quality images, customer-friendly and contextualized product content that will help grow sales and enable them to collaborate better with their distributors.

StrikeTru and MediaValet will deploy a cloud-based joint PIM and DAM solution that is scalable and quick to implement, giving Versa a jump on their competitors.

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The proposed solution will include:

  • StrikeTru’s smallPIM solution based on Akeneo PIM open-source platform, and MediaValet’s DAM platform
  • Product introduction in Epicor Kinetic ERP, and automated product transfer to PIM
  • Product Data Enrichment (including Localization) and Management in StrikeTru’s smallPIM
  • Digital asset management in MediaValet DAM, and automated asset transfer to PIM and ECC
  • Automatic transfer of customer-ready product content from PIM to ECC
  • Product feeds for Versa’s distributors

“With speed, ease of use, and multi-language capabilities being top of mind goals for Versa, we are proposing a powerful, flexible and secure solution to future proof their business. It will modernize their data management tools, scale content efforts for global markets, and simplify how data is managed and shared with customers and distributors.” said Vik Gundoju, Partner at StrikeTru.

“In today’s manufacturing environment, high-quality visuals and product content have become important for providing positive customer experiences. We’re proud to partner with StrikeTru to equip Versa Products with an integrated PIM-DAM solution that will help propel their digital and ecommerce strategy.” said Eric Simmons, VP of Sales at MediaValet.

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“Unlocking additional revenue opportunities by leveraging PIM to tap into foreign language markets was a huge driver for us. We also wanted a simple way to modify and share technical product information and spec sheets in a customer-ready branded format across all channels. The overarching goal is to have a visually rich and seamless user experience for customers and to serve the needs of our distributors.” said John Hatcher, Director of Digital Technology at Versa Products.

“The PIM for ECC solution by StrikeTru is purpose-built for online B2B sellers to meet the requirements of ecommerce as we know it today. While Epicor Commerce Connect is a great ecommerce tool for manufacturers and wholesale distributors using Epicor Kinetic ERP, it doesn’t address the nuances of creating and managing rich product content (personalized, contextual, and consistent) that are table stakes for delivering B2C-like customer experiences online.” added Vik, commenting on the project.

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