VRTCAL Launches $5 Million Fund for Mobile Application Developers

Fund incentivizes developers to integrate into VRTCAL’s platform to increase revenue, decrease cost and maximize ad spend

Mobile SSP company VRTCAL has launched a $5 million bonus fund to encourage mobile application developers to use its in-app monetization technologies.

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The Bonus Fund is designed to incentivize mobile application developers to integrate directly with the VRTCAL Marketplace or through its software development kits (SDKs).

VRTCAL’s platform includes a Marketplace, SaaS Services and SDKs to help mobile application developers increase revenue, decrease cost and achieve a greater portion of the ad spend through direct connections.

“Our team is very excited to announce this fund to help mobile app developers,” said VRTCAL president Todd Wooten. “A lot of challenges have happened in our sector related to increased user privacy and changing economics. Many mobile apps are facing headwinds and this fund will help them transition in the right direction toward a more privacy compliant and improved in-app monetization model.”

He added, “User privacy changes will increasingly force mobile gaming apps away from their reliance on performance advertisers. Gaming app developers should be very interested in this opportunity to diversify their revenues.”

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