Introducing TaskOn v1.5.0: Transforming Your Web3 User Growth

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With the rapid expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, fresh blood continues to inject into this new field. At this moment, for you who read this article (whether you represent a project or a community), acquiring target users becomes the key — good applications are those that can be implemented and used, and active communities will develop faster.

TaskOn v1.5.0 has been rolled out precisely to meet this urgent need, bringing a new and efficient task creation and collaboration platform to Web3.

v1.5.0 New Upgrade

TaskOn is a platform that boosts the completion for various Web3 tasks in a decentralized way. It helps task initiators and implementers to collaborate efficiently and better align mutual interests.

Compared to the old version, TaskOn v1.5.0 has made major version updates in the following aspects:

  • There is no need for permission and review when creating an event, and the organizer can create the event as it wishes;
  • Setting more refined user conditions to solve the robot problem while screening more precise target users for projects.
  • Multi-dimensional selection of reward rules, conditions and lists to meet the needs of different activities and rules.
  • Adding API-verified for quick integration of product operations, transaction-type tasks, and instant monitoring of application/function usage.
  • Providing a variety of accurate data downloads, through which project sides can conduct more accurate analysis of activities and users.

Meanwhile, v1.5.0 also further optimized UI and UX, which not only improves the experience of activity creation and operation, but also brings a more smooth experience for users, thus attracting more users to participate.

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Using TaskOn

Besides bringing real target users and product usage to the project owners and the community, TaskOn will bring more “benefits” to the event organizers as follows:

  • TaskOn can provide various Web3 functions such as NFT minting and airdrop. Instead of resorting to other tools, you can now create activities and rewards with one click directly on the TaskOn platform, as well as complete the subsequent airdrop, and even the entire process can be automated and templated, greatly saving your time and money.
  • Using inspection functions such as API-Verified, Special NFT, etc., you can boost usage and NFT minting for your own applications/products with TaskOn, which in turn will monitor for you whether participants are actually using them, helping you evaluate whether the tasks are effective and reduce campaign expenses.
  • TaskOn can also provide you with a full service, which means that you only need to contribute money and our professionals will do the rest for you, further reducing your workload in organizing and running your events and freeing up your time for other more important issues.
  • Currently, the TaskOn platform is open to all projects and communities of Web3, free of charge. As long as you meet our review criteria, you can publish your activities on the platform for free and enjoy the unlimited, real traffic of TaskOn.
  • Accurate data analysis and brand marketing advice will also be a big boost to your campaign. TaskOn has been providing these features for everyone and will continue to iterate them, making each update do a better job for you and easier to use.
  • Strong alliances are essential in Web3. As a task collaboration facilitator, TaskOn also wants to use the influence of the platform to promote the union between projects. Therefore, we have been committed to matching projects and exchanging resources to achieve co-creation.

The Future of TaskOn

The one who wants to wear the crown must bear its weight. From day one, TaskOn has been committed to its original mission “A Web3 Task Collaboration Platform” and has been firmly and continuously invested in development, iteration and upgrade.

As TaskOn supports more and more task templates and integrates more and more mainstream public chains (including compatibility with mainstream EVM chains, Aptos, Sui, etc.), we believe that the TaskOn-based platform will provide an increasing number of Web3 projects with real and active target users and high-quality and outstanding services.

The road to Web3 is always tough, and we sincerely look forward to seeing more Web3 projects collaborating on the TaskOn platform to rebuild user experience and trust through branding, community and other activities amidst the ongoing bear market.

We sincerely invite you to use TaskOn. Your experience and feedback will be greatly appreciated and valued, which will help us further optimize our platform.

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