The Age of Choice : How Marketing & Business Will Change in 2018

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Loop & Tie2018 will go down in the books as the year of personalization and choice. Technology has shifted expectations between consumers and brands. and if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, this is an important thing to understand. Personalization and choice is an integral part of the consumer experience today. Consumers today have an expectation to be treated as individuals, no matter how large the brand they’re dealing with. Just think, Amazon allows shoppers to have any product they want to be delivered when and where they want. Netflix recommends a customized list of TV shows based on the user’s unique account activity. Tesla took market share by allowing consumers to customize a car and have it delivered.  We are in the midst of a cultural shift from mass-market, generic outreach and offerings, to targeted messaging and product choice.

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I am fortunate to be at the forefront of the choice revolution. My company Loop & Tie helps businesses create personalized interactions with customers. Companies use our platform to create a gift choice experience where customers have the fun of selecting an item that’s meaningful to them. Through gift choice, companies add a customer touchpoint, gain insights on customer preferences and open up a new channel of communication.

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So how can you use this information to your advantage in your business?

Understand and accept that power is shifting to the consumer. Consumers are looking for more than just the transaction. They need to feel like they are in control of their decisions and have options for what you are offering. It is a sense of consumer pride when they feel as though they helped make their decision in a purchase and they feel connected to the brand behind the object. No matter the size of the company, there’s a customer service expectation to be treated with fairness and speed. Small businesses have an advantage because they can have direct connections with their customers. In the digital age, communication is key. If you can make your offer clear to consumers, you will acquire more customers than ever before and be a winner in The Choice Revolution.

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