Four Ways To Measure The Always-On Consumer

visualiq logoMarketers are constantly dealing with the challenges of a digital world. The growing number of digital channels, devices, and platforms has created more ways for marketers to reach consumers, but it’s also created a more complex customer journey. Analyzing marketing effectiveness has become more difficult as marketers struggle to get accurate and actionable data on the always-on consumer. Success depends on having the right tools in place to make sense of all the ways consumers interact with brands and measure the influence of each touchpoint on sales and other desired outcomes.

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Nielsen’s latest infographic looks at the evolution of Consumer Behavior in the digital age and how marketers can prepare for an increasingly complex consumer journey. Consider these facts: The average adult is spending 10.5 hours each day consuming media just by watching TV, listening to the radio and using their smartphone or tablet. Additionally, 45 percent of people are using their digital devices while watching TV. This opens up a number of opportunities for marketers to reach consumers that are spending more of their lives online. Currently, 69 percent of Americans have made an online purchase and 79 percent of smartphone owners make purchases on their phones. By 2021, 2.14 billion people will buy goods and services online worldwide and 17.5 percent of all global retail purchases will be made online.

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Marketers are responding to these trends by increasing their investments in Digital Media. Digital ad spending is expected reach $327 billion this year, with 71 percent of that spend dedicated to mobile formats. So how can marketers measure the impact of their efforts and leverage the power of digital to their advantage? Consider these best practices:

  • Integrate channel data to view and deduplicate audiences across channels and devices
  • Use a measurement solution that analyzes granular, user-level data in near real-time for the most accurate views of performance
  • Partner with vendors that can close critical media coverage gaps required for comprehensive measurement

Check out the infographic below to learn more about why modern marketing measurement methods are essential for optimizing marketing effectiveness in the era of the always-on consumer.

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