How VoIP System can be Used to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology with a rapidly rising stock. In the UK alone, over three million businesses subscribe to a VoIP system. In the last few years, Sales of VoIP systems have been up by around 21% per year and this trend shows no sign of slowing. And while VoIP isn’t exactly a new technology, it’s only in recent years that it’s evolved into a truly viable communication system and a genuine alternative to traditional telephone systems.

Business Benefits of using Voice Over IP

Companies worldwide are choosing VoIP as ​the​ method of communicating with their clients. Among the many reasons for this is practicality: VoIP is quick and easy to install compared to ISDN, making it the cheap and simple option.

VoIP is also suitable for companies of all varieties and sizes and can be easily scaled-up and customized, which can bring huge cost savings. And VoIP is extremely flexible, meaning you can make changes to the system instantaneously and you’re not tied to a specific location. VoIP doesn’t depend on any physical infrastructure or wires.

7 Ways VoIP System Can Enhance Your Marketing

So, the benefits of the system are plentiful – but exactly how can your phone system be used to improve your Marketing strategy?

Here’s how to use VoIP to create better and more effective Marketing strategies.

1. Expand Overseas Without the Cost

VoIP allows you to choose any phone number for your business no matter where you’re located. That’s useful for targeting specific geographical markets and appealing to a particular clientele.

Expand Overseas Without the Cost
Expand Overseas Without the Cost

A well-known area code can lend an air of familiarity to your business, allowing you to expand virtually without incurring the huge costs of regular overseas travel or employing overseas staff. In this way, VoIP brings a whole new meaning to the term local business.

2. Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

All good technological advancements make lives easier and people happier. VoIP improves customer satisfaction by offering excellent auto-attendance and handling queue management effectively. Nobody wants to waste time being on hold. VoIP manages all aspects of call handling, including calls received out of hours.

A consistent and user-friendly VoIP is an invaluable addition to any team, often taking care of that all-important first impression on your customers. It will provide a permanent and positive presence and serve as a kind of virtual secretary – only at a fraction of the cost. And as Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves, having a fully-integrated VoIP system will offer ever more effective ways of ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Provide Seamless and Unified Communications

Using VoIP system as part of a unified communications system allows you and your staff to hit a number of touchpoints with customers through instant messaging, voice calling, video calling, email and more. Again, this can only lead to increased customer satisfaction as people are able to get in touch and express themselves easily in whichever way suits them best.

In turn, it will allow your business the same opportunity, to reach out effortlessly across a range of platforms. As modes and platforms of communication change globally, VoIP will allow your business to change with the times and make the most of new opportunities.

4. Connect Mobile Workers and Customers Easily

In a world of digital nomads, where hotdesking and remote working are commonplace, effective collaboration is vital – making the technology that facilitates it equally crucial. VoIP offers many cost-effective packages for international calling, and many providers offer this feature for free. Video calling can also be integrated, along with text and email.

Connect Mobile Workers and Customers Easily
Connect Mobile Workers and Customers Easily

Minimizing costs and increasing availability are obviously great assets for any business. VoIP will allow you to connect with both clients and co-workers wherever you are. The only requirement for a VoIP system is an internet connection.

And with 5G networks poised to yet again revolutionize the way people communicate on the move, VoIP is an excellent way to serve your increasingly mobile audience.

5. Measure Your Advertising Success

Another extremely useful feature of a VoIP system in terms of Marketing is the ability to measure the success of individual commercial campaigns.

By creating different numbers for different campaigns, you can easily measure which adverts are most successful by tracking the amount of calls to each number – and seeing how many of these calls lead to sales. When the low cost of a VoIP system is taken into account alongside these benefits, the direct link between an intelligently-employed VoIP system and turnover is obvious.

6. Increase Conversions With More Interaction

Studies have shown that interaction with clients yields a far higher conversion rate for Sales than an email campaign. And it’s not hard to see why: people prefer human interaction. It may seem cost-effective to send an email to thousands of recipients but how many will actually read the email, let alone respond to it? With inboxes bulging from spam, a more personalized approach is a surefire way to make better connections.

A VoIP system offers a low cost way to call clients worldwide without the need for on-site equipment or line installation. Added to the fact it allows you to target specific markets anywhere in the world with the use of local phone numbers, it is easy to see how VoIP could become a vital weapon in your Marketing armory.

With a VoIP system, connecting on a personal level and building good relationships with existing and potential clients worldwide need not be as expensive as it seems. Marketing your products with a more personal touch can be a key factor in increasing Sales conversions.

7. Improve the Reliability of Your Phone Lines

The prevalence of wi-fi and the availability of mobile data in both the developed and developing world mean that landlines are fast becoming obsolete. According to a 2017 study, 50% of American households now rely on wireless communication. With mass availability of 5G appearing imminent, there is little doubt that this trend is going to increase. A major reason for businesses to welcome this news is reliability.

As long as there is a steady internet connection, VoIP is much more reliable than landline telephones, which are prone to sudden disconnections. Improved reliability means better customer service. This can only be beneficial for you, whether you’re pitching to new clients or offering new services and deals to existing ones.

VoIP: A Modern Marketer’s Dream

VoIP has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business and technology and evolve to stay not just relevant, but cutting edge. As the technology (and AI) advances at a rapid speed, VoIP will provide new ways of marketing as well as improving current strategies.

Businesses large and small are turning to VoIP as a cost-effective and modern communication system. It can benefit all kinds of businesses in all kinds of ways. One thing it can ​definitely improve is your Marketing strategy.

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