Why Defining a Comprehensive Brand Story is the Key to Continual Connection

By Kelly Keenan, Founder and President, Brand Story Experts

The most trusted brand relationships are personal. They are built around comfort, assurance, and belief. These are the relationships that grow appreciation, inspire integration, and elevate the brand experience for everyone. The opportunity to create these types of relationships is greater than ever. The celebration of your comprehensive brand story is the key to unlocking this opportunity. 

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We have an enormous number of social media channels and information outlets that we may employ to educate like-minded individuals. However, to educate consistently and effectively, your story needs to be earned and authentic. It also needs to be based on the most inspiring aspects of the brand.  Brands who attempt to half-step their way to brand story success with hyped up attributes and insincere statements will lose big in this age of accountability. 

Organizations looking to create long-term success must embrace the opportunity to educate by taking the necessary steps to uncover and clarify a story that builds trust in a comprehensive way. This means clarifying the ideas and associations that matter most, so that you can connect with the like-minded individuals that matter most.

The reason that your brand story needs to be complete is that it must meet the needs of all personality types. It is essential to realize that people have different triggers to spark, inspire, and validate trust. Everyone is wired differently. People can be emotionally charged, operational-minded, results-driven, or a mix of all three. A comprehensive brand story that addresses each of these areas breaks down barriers by opening up the opportunity to connect, influence, and inspire on all levels. 

People have endless options. They can connect and bond with any type of brand.  If your brand wants to stand out, you need to focus on making it easy for like-minded individuals to make a meaningful, lasting connection. Right now, there are people that you can imagine who would be a perfect fit for your brand. They are searching for authentic attachment. Their goal is to find enough information for them to gain comfort and familiarity. You need a plan and program that makes connecting in this way easy and natural.  

When you tell a complete story, you are leading with a brand story that builds an understanding and awareness around the attitude, drive, and direction of the story. These are the most inspiring aspects of the story. This comprehensive structure gives people who are a good fit for your brand precisely what they need to build emotional, operational, and results-based trust in your brand. You check all the boxes, providing enough context to produce trust by connecting in a compelling and engaging way. You need to check all of the boxes, because each of these three components plays an important role. 

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First, the ATTITUDE of the brand is an essential ingredient because many individuals desire Emotional Validation. They listen to their heart and prefer to build trust in a way they can feel. 

You also need to outline the habits, systems, and processes that DRIVE the brand. This is a mandatory messaging strategy because people build trust through Operational Validation. These people are looking to “trust the process” through a detailed understanding of the brand’s functionality. 

Finally, clearly detailing the DIRECTION that an experience with the brand provides is Empirical Validation. Empirical storytelling evolves through the constant presence of provable statements and measured outcomes—hard evidence of performance that validates the story and backs up the brand’s promises.

When brands tell one-dimensional stories, your brand winds up unnecessarily missing out on valuable relationships because you are failing to include essential aspects of the narrative.

The way to connect on this level is to clarify who you are, summarize that story, and create a plan to advance the relationship. The brands who are set up to win, are the ones who are defining and celebrating their story in a way that allows these like-minded individuals to advance from a spectator who sees the story, to an appreciator who recognizes personal value, to a celebrator who appreciates the brand on a level beyond self-interest. They are inspired by the brand’s story, and they want to join in and become a part of the brand story celebration. 

Companies like Tesla, Apple and Starbucks are famous for developing this type of appreciation and allegiance. However, the opportunity to build these types of relationships is now open to everyone. Organizations of any size have the tools to educate, inspire, and influence on this level right now. The trick is to make sure that you follow the critical steps to advancing in this direction; be authentic, be consistent, and be comprehensive. Your like-minded supporters deserve the full story – so make sure that you give it to them.

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