TechBytes with Janet Muto, President, WEVO

Janet Muto

Janet Muto
Co-Founder and President, WEVO

Website optimization, if done correctly, improves the efficacy of the website by converting visitor traffic to engaged audience that turns into paying customers or subscribers. However, the largest challenge in building a fully-optimized website is the lack of insights into its pre-launch effectiveness. To understand how critical it is for B2B marketers to understand how website optimization works, we spoke to Janet Muto, Co-Founder and President at WEVO.

MTS: How should B2B marketers leverage webpage optimization tools to better landing page performance?
Janet Muto: The single most important thing that B2B marketers (or any marketers, really) need to get right is to know their customers and understand why they are visiting your website. Consider these questions about your visitors:

  • What do they hope to accomplish?
  • How do they buy?
  • Where are they are in their path to decision (this is especially true for B2B)?
  • How do they want to learn more (demo, video, conversation)?
  • What actions do I want my page to cause (by my prospective customers)?

It is critical that the site accomplish what the visitor needs to see/read/hear – no matter where they are on their path to purchase.

MTS: What are the major roadblocks that slow down web page conversion and disrupt the experience?
Janet: There are myriad roadblocks to website conversion. At WEVO, we have determined that there are 5 key conversion drivers that help determine how a page will convert. WEVO combines crowdsourced input and algorithms to derive the page scores.

Drivers include:

  • Credibility: Lack of proof that the company is credible and would be a company that the visitor can trust
  • Appeal: Miscommunication of unique value and benefit to the visitor
  • Relevance: Landing page does not “fit” the visitor’s needs and goals
  • Experience: Confusing navigation, lack of organization to guide the decision process
  • Clarity: Confusion over what to do next – too much or too little information

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MTS: How does WEVO leverage audience insights for high-conversion pages? How do the results impact A/B testing performance?
Janet: WEVO uses look-a-like crowdsourcing and a unique online scoring methodology to deliver both insight into the audience and specific areas that can improve the page. The entire WEVO experience takes days, with most results available in less than 2 weeks.

MTS: How do you see the tenets of personalized landing pages evolving with new mobile marketing and customer experience technologies?
Janet: Most companies are struggling with how to develop and test messaging for each of the audiences they have identified for their product or service. In many cases, they also want to test on new audiences that they have not sold to before. WEVO allows marketers to test their messaging and page designs on specific segments and audiences before going live, enabling them to do testing for personalized pages.

MTS: How should marketers expand their horizon to include AI to craft 1:1 brand messaging campaigns?
Janet: The most important thing is to understand what matters to your audience so you can predict how your messaging and campaigns will be received by your audience BEFORE you put them into market. By combining the human intelligence of crowds with the AI power to process data at a scale that would be impossible to do by hand, WEVO is able to deliver actionable insights that let you build a better design in the first place.

MTS: Would video-based landing pages remain a stand-alone feature for B2B campaigns? How does WEVO intend to deliver better video experiences?
Janet: WEVO has been used to evaluate videos based on customer metrics for success. While the WEVO service is targeted at landing pages, much of the crowdsourced input and scoring is easily applied to other marketing as the signals are often similar. In the case of video or other marketing (billboard, advertising) testing, while conversion is not a metric, WEVO’s drivers scoring and crowdsourced input are applicable.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Janet.
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