TechBytes with Konrad Pawlus, CTO, SALESmanago

Konrad Pawlus

Konrad Pawlus
Co-founder and CTO – SALESmanago

Marketing automation tools in 2017 are more refined, accurate, and focused on building the highest customer value, directly maximizing return on investment per customer. Customer Value Marketing, a new-age marketing automation strategy that is aimed at outbound campaigns, drives its inspiration from B2C and ecommerce marketing. To understand Customer Value Marketing, and the core intricacies of the Customer LCV in B2B, we spoke to Konrad Pawlus, Co-founder and CTO, SALESmanago.

MTS: Tell us about your role at SALESmanago and the team you handle?
Konrad Pawlus: I am CTO and co-founder of SALESmanago Marketing Automation, responsible for the whole development team, product, and IT infrastructure. What’s more, I am involved in many business operations, meetings with clients and partner especially where it comes to some more technical discussions.

In 2010 I met Greg Blazewicz founder and CEO of SALESmanago. I think it was the combination of our completely different personalities that allowed us, after many failures, to finally build SALESmanago. Today, our platform is the #1 Marketing Automation platform for eCommerce.

MTS: What are the core tenets of Customer Value Marketing (CVM)? How does SALESmanago integrate CVM with marketing automation and email marketing?
Konrad: Customer Value Marketing is a marketing strategy designed for B2C marketers, built around the concept of customer value and marketing automation. It aims at building the highest value of a customer over time and in practice, on maximizing return on investment per customer.

Customer Value Marketing is redefining traditional outbound marketing by the deployment of advanced methods of dynamic customer segmentation based on RFM analytics (Recency, Frequency, Monetary), supported by behavioral analytics (Digital Body Language). They’re mixed-and-matched to create a real-time multichannel structure of marketing automation processes throughout the whole customer lifecycle: from lead generation to bringing the customer to the most valuable segment and fostering long-term relationships.

SALESmanago allows clients to design and automate the whole processes around building Customer Value. To achieve the best results, all marketing channels are used – not just email marketing. Beside traditional emails, SALESmanago also offers Web Push notifications, Text Messaging, mobile application integration, followed by InApp Messaging, dynamic website content, and integration with RTB networks. And these are only a few of the available channels.

MTS: How do you see the video analytics and intelligence market growing by 2020?
Konrad: Current predictions show a huge increase in video. Cisco sees 4x growth in online video traffic by 2020, by this time, video will account for a staggering 75% of that traffic (see here and here). With this in mind, both analytical and marketing automation platforms need to make some moves to adjust. In both of this areas, we will certainly notice the huge impact of Artificial Intelligence – booming in all areas of our life anyway.

MTS: How should B2B marketers utilize the SALESmanago Recommendations Engine for better inbound marketing and customer lifecycle management?
Konrad: All of the Recommendation Engines are built for B2C. Usually they are leveraged by companies which have a lot of customers to whom they sell lots of products. Machine Learning requires a lot of statistical data. Expert Systemswould be a much better fit for B2B processes,  which we have already built into our offering. We are working on some new modules utilizing AI for B2B, but those are planned to be released next year.

MTS: What would be the next frontier in the technology that powers existing marketing automation platforms?
Konrad: Certainly this is AI, as everywhere, a lot of was already told about this, and self learning systems will have impact on all areas of software and – as result in all areas of our life.

MTS: How do you utilize predictive analytics and AI/ML capabilities at SALESmanago?
Konrad: We use AI and ML algorithms for selection of content of offer – so basically speaking – products which are presented to the end customer, to select the most appropriate channel for communication and to choose the best possible time to send an offer. A good offer, which interests the customer, sent at the most convenient time through the optimal channel will have the highest chance of being successful. That’s simple as a concept – but requires good software in order to do this. And SALESmanago is perfect example of how this is done.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Konrad.
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