Automat and AdLingo Bring Conversational AI to Display Advertising

Integration Delivers Relevant, Personalized and Authentic Brand Interaction to Consumers, Turning Moments of Awareness into Moments of Engagement and Conversion

Automat, the leader in Conversational AI for brands, announced its integration with AdLingo, part of Area 120, Google’s incubator for experimental projects, to enable Automat-powered chatbots and virtual advisors to interact with consumers through display advertising on approximately 1 billion websites. Automat’s conversational AI capabilities, integrated with AdLingo, allow traditional impression-based display ads to become two-way conversations that drive engagement and conversion, all without a user ever having to leave the page they’re on.  L’Oreal Canada will be the first customer to launch a campaign utilizing this new conversational display advertising offering from Automat and AdLingo.

Automat-commissioned consumer research by Wakefield Research found that virtual advisors can readily step into the void in the online customer journey and path to purchase by providing assisted service online and offline, not only where real human advisors don’t exist today, but even where they are already available.  In the case of beauty products, 70% of consumers said they are overwhelmed by too many product choices, yet 66% of them still prefer to be left alone while shopping.  It is no surprise then that nearly half (49%) of all respondents said that they would definitely or likely use a virtual advisor when shopping whether online or offline.

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As part of Automat’s extensive work with consumer brands, Automat has found that conversational AI experiences consistently drive high levels of brand engagement, first-party declarative data collection, and conversion.  In particular, Automat customers have achieved on average >4 minutes of engagement, >85% questionnaire completion rates, >5 highly-specific data points collected about each consumer, >30% increase in average revenue per user, and >85% positive customer satisfaction. Automat has also shown that a conversational interaction significantly outperforms a conventional landing page or web-based product recommendation.  With this new AdLingo integration, brands can extend these benefits beyond their own websites and social media channels to reach any consumer browsing the web at large.  Conversational display advertising enables brands to have one-on-one conversations at scale with consumers who click into their ads to receive guidance, recommendations, advice, consultation, and expertise (G.R.A.C.E.) not possible as part a traditional “self-service” buying journey.

“While many companies talk about their marketing as ‘conversational’, we think that anything less than an actual bi-directional, real-time interaction is not truly talking to your customer,” said Andy Mauro, CEO and co-founder of Automat.  “Brands that succeed know their customers and meet their needs in the moment.  Providing a virtual advisor to your consumer on your website, or now via a conversational display ad, delivers enhanced service while ensuring you’re learning about your consumers in a transparent and opt-in way.  Consumers are in control of what they share when they chat with a brand, and brands can be assured that a real person got value out of the service they provided when consumers spend multiple minutes engaging.”

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“Automat is one of a select few preferred AI platforms that AdLingo has chosen to bring conversational display advertising to market,” said Vic Fatnani, co-founder and General Manager of AdLingo.  “Through AI platforms like Automat, brands have the opportunity to become the first in their industry to gain experience and competitive advantage utilizing this new form of digital advertising.”

Automat was named the top conversational marketing platform by Opus Research in its report Foundations of Conversational Marketing, coming out first out of 17 vendors, with top scores in conversational platform characteristics, enabling AI capabilities and breadth of services and customer support.

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