Avastars And Alethea AI Stage First Conversation Between Intelligent NFTs (iNFTs)

AI Collaboration Proves NFTs Aren’t Just Capable of Communicating Directly with Humans, but Also with Each Other

This week, Avastars, the first fully on-chain profile picture NFT project, collaborated with Alethea AI, creator of the intelligent NFT (iNFT) category, to stage the first conversation between iNFTs.

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While Alethea AI’s technology was recently used to generate a conversation between an iNFT and a human, namely Avastar #102, Pandora, and NFT42 Founder Jimmy McNelis, this new collaboration marks the first time that Alethea AI’s technology has been used to enable iNFTs to communicate directly with each other.

Avastars #101, Salvatar, and #102, Pandora, converse with one another in a new collaboration between Avastars and Alethea AI.

Collaboration between Avastars and Alethea AI marks the first conversation between intelligent NFTS (iNFTS.)

We’re seeing NFTs transform from digital artwork into functional digital beings with endless utility.

“This latest collaboration between Avastars and Alethea AI only scratches the surface of what intelligent NFTs are truly capable of in the new metaverse,” says McNelis. “We’re seeing NFTs transform from digital artwork into functional digital beings with endless utility. For example, imagine two iNFTs co-hosting a podcast.”

The newly-released conversation takes place between Pandora and Avastar #101, Salvatar. Both are pieces of generative vector art programmed with unique combinations of traits and genes and, like all of the NFTs in the Avastars universe, are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

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“Alethea AI is proud to partner with Avastars, one of the most creative projects in the NFT space. From their lore and storytelling to their community, nft42 has created a Metaverse on planet Avastar that will withstand the test of time.” Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI.

Avastars, a project by the NFT experts at NFT42, represents the future of digital collectibles. By giving community members the commercial rights to unique and customizable NFTs, Avastars is shaping the next phase of digital identity and ownership in the metaverse. Their next debut, Avastar REPLICANTS, is slated for release in late October 2021. Join the community in Discord.

Alethea’s state of the art AI Engine represents the collective of the AI Models that are powering the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse. These AI Models power not only the AI Services that are available to the iNFTs, but also the Personality Pods of the iNFTs within the Noah’s Ark. Alethea AI is proud to announce that the first 10,000 Personality Pods will be sold as an exclusive drop on OpenSea. Any NFT owner seeking to bring their digital asset to the world’s first Intelligent Metaverse can do so by purchasing one of these Personality Pods and fusing them with their NFT.

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