Bidalgo’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Helps Booksy Deliver Better Video Ad Creative

Popular Scheduling App Generates 40% Higher Booking Conversions, 34% Lower Cost-Per-Registration Rates with Optimized Video Creative

Bidalgo, a leading provider of ad creative automation software and services for app marketers, announced today that its creative expertise combined with Bidalgo AI technology enabled Booksy, a leading scheduling app for appointment-based businesses, to dramatically improve the effectiveness of video ads on Facebook and Instagram. By optimizing video ad creative based on Bidalgo’s AI analysis, Booksy increased conversions from app install to bookings by 40 percent, while reducing the campaign’s Cost Per Registration by 34 percent and Cost Per Action by 40 percent.

With more than 1 million installs on the App Store and Google Play, Booksy is a free booking system for consumers looking to schedule appointments for beauty services. Booksy was running video ads on Facebook and Instagram encouraging viewers to download the Booksy app. Although the videos were effective at driving initial installs, new users didn’t necessarily register with the app or book appointments through it.

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Booksy turned to Bidalgo for help analyzing its video creative to understand which elements resonated with viewers best. Bidalgo analyzed multiple variables affecting Booksy’s ad creative — including colors, background images, tone, style, and so on — and reported on which elements drove the best performance. Bidalgo’s in-house studio then created a new high-performing video that served as a template for the next generation of videos created by Booksy’s creative studio. These videos significantly improved the app conversion to deep funnel actions such as scheduling appointments.

Bidalgo’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Helps Booksy Deliver Better Video Ad Creative
Grzegorz Garczyński

“Using Bidalgo AI has allowed us to dramatically improve our conversions and lower our costs. We have more time to focus on our marketing strategy and creative strategy. With the help of Bidalgo we managed to improve our creative performance significantly,” said Grzegorz Garczyński, Booksy’s Head of Digital Marketing.

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Booksy found it easy to optimize its video creative by working with Bidalgo. The company simply entered basic input into the Bidalgo platform, such as its business objectives, campaign budget and initial ad creative. From there Bidalgo’s AI-based ad automation platform took over the campaign, providing full campaign management automation and ad creation, with an eye towards optimizing performance for maximum bookings and minimum cost per registration. Bidalgo recommended specific creative elements for Booksy to include in its video ads that would drive the highest conversion and engagement rates.

Bidalgo’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Helps Booksy Deliver Better Video Ad Creative
Niv Yemini

Niv Yemini, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Bidalgo, added, “Having great creative that resonates with intended audiences is perhaps the most important part of any ad campaign, but it’s also the hardest part to get right. Our AI-based optimization tool breaks down the winning elements of ad creative to provide app marketers with a data-driven framework for how to design compelling ad creative that gets attention, drives engagement, and, most importantly, helps meet the advertiser’s key business goals.”

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