Clearfind Announces New Partnership with CDW

CDW LogoClearfind Announces Partnership with CDW

Clearfind platform enables CDW to deliver new data-driven software optimization solution, providing unprecedented visibility into their clients software environment and delivering cost-saving recommendations

Clearfind, the first platform for enterprise-wide software evaluation and optimization, announced it has finalized a partnership agreement with CDW Corporation, a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education, and healthcare companies. Under the agreement, CDW will utilize the Clearfind platform to make possible its new data-driven software optimization solution, providing its customers with unique visibility into their software environments while delivering powerful insights and recommendations to improve operational efficiency and reduce software costs.

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Three years in the making and launched in October 2020, the Clearfind platform addresses costly software optimization problems by rapidly and continuously analyzing the capabilities of an organization’s software portfolio and pushing out optimization opportunities as they arise. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and a proprietary set of software capabilities, Clearfind categorizes all the software in an organization’s ecosystem into three buckets: “Review,” “Consolidate” and “Keep.”

“Finance and technology leaders have long been promised that software will help address all of their problems; however, most companies are sitting on 20 percent redundancy in their software ecosystem, without bringing in an expensive consulting firm there is no way to see enterprise-wide insights,” said James Layfield, Clearfind co-founder and CEO. “Clearfind changes the game, using advanced AI to comprehend the software optimization problem in the same way that a human would, given infinite time and resources. Clearfind fully understands not only what a company has, but how software is used and what the company needs from it. Our platform simplifies even the most complex software analyses, helping finance and IT teams ensure everything from niche software to major enterprise tools are performing with ideal operational efficiencies,” he added.

CDW has a long-standing history of helping its customers navigate an increasingly complex IT market to achieve their business objectives and maximize return on their technology investments including software solutions.

“Our goal has always been to help customers optimize their software ecosystems. By partnering with Clearfind, we deliver a platform to help customers optimize the entire process from procurement to IT management, to the end-user, for over 50,000 software products,” said Tara Barbieri, vice president, services orchestration, CDW. “By leveraging the powerful and robust insights of CDW data-driven software optimization, our customers will fully understand how their software tools are being utilized and identify costly duplication or overlap of existing solutions.”

CDW has made this new partnership data-driven software optimization solution available to customers from today.

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