FotoWare and Imagga Partner to Deliver AI Auto-Tagging and Content-Aware Cropping for Photos

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This Partnership Also Enables the Possibility to Highlight Content in an Image Using Content-Aware Automatic Image Crop

The seamless integration of Imagga’s visual AI technology enables FotoWare’s users to automatically add keywords and crop photos in a new way. The AI solution is now available to all in FotoWare products.

Via its award-winning deep learning technology, Imagga suggests intelligent keywords by automatically analyzing the content of images. With one click, FotoWare’s users can easily add relevant keywords to their photos and other visuals. Processing happens behind the scenes on the FotoWare Color Factory server and the resulting keywords are immediately available to users of FotoWeb and FotoStation.

Imagga empowers FotoWare users with one of the most comprehensive keyword libraries with over 23,000 keywords. Auto-tagging can be at an object level – identifying what is in the image – as well as at a conceptual level – such as love, happiness, etc.

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This partnership also enables the possibility to highlight content in an image using content aware automatic image crop. By analyzing the objects in the image using Imagga Smart Cropping, Color Factory will automatically suggest a crop around the main subject of your image, regardless of its position, using your preferred aspect ratio. The crop can be applied directly to the file or stored as a soft crop in the metadata.

FotoWare and Imagga partner to deliver AI Auto tagging and Content-Aware Cropping for Your Photos
Radmila Milenkovich

FotoWare Marketing Manager Radmila Milenkovich informs,“Considering the importance of keywords in visual asset management, this integration offers the best of two worlds; the ability to quickly process new content knowing that important keywords will not be forgotten. Imagga has one of the most powerful, scalable and easiest solutions on the market. As a marketing manager, I use it every day.”

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FotoWare and Imagga partner to deliver AI Auto tagging and Content-Aware Cropping for Your Photos
Georgi Kadrev

Georgi Kadrev, Imagga’s CEO, adds, “Imagga’s visual A.I. is a perfect addition to FotoWare’s top of the line image workflow solution. Imagga is proud to provide powerful image tagging and cropping tools that makes FotoWare one of the most advanced DAM solutions on the market.”

It is estimated that as much as 10% of images in a collection become unsearchable because of no or poor keywording, making them impossible to retrieve. With Imagga’s intelligent keyword suggestions integration, FotoWare dramatically reduces this issue. FotoWare users can considerably reduce the time it takes to tag photos, and their collections become complete with additional searchable information.

“Our customers are already using auto auto-tagging content aware cropping, showing how AI has significantly reduced the time they spend in organizing their photos. It is always a great feeling when we can add a wow-factor to a product and excite our customers,” adds Radmila.

The integration is currently available in FotoWare’s Color Factory workflow automation server.

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