Google AdWords to Comprehend Search Ads

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is about to initiate multiple machine learning innovations. Out of these, ‘in-market audiences’ for search ads stands out as the most eminent. It connects businesses with customers who are actively searching, browsing and comparing the products and services they sell.

According to Google “ in-market audiences analyzes trillions of search queries and activity across millions of websites to help figure out when people are close to buying and surface ads that will be more relevant and interesting to them.”

‘Google Attribution’ – One more addition

‘Google Attribution’ was recently announced as one more machine learning innovation by Google. This free tool was built to measure marketing efforts by analyzing the effects and roles played by different marketing strategies and campaigns in customer purchase decisions. Drawing data from AdWords, Analytics, and DoubleClick, it allows businesses to understand the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

Google Attribution aims at measuring data at each stage of the customer decision journey from their first click till their last before a purchase. Its ML-based data-driven attribution will then attribute the credit assigned to each stage. Presently available in only beta version, this tool will be soon available to marketers in the months to come.

Store Sales Measurement

Google has introduced store sales measurement to AdWords, which assists businesses in measuring the overall in-store profit acquired from online ads. This enables businesses to administer store visits generated by online ads and revenue collected from those visits.

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