HitTrax and ProPlayAI Announce Partnership

HitTrax, a global leader in data capture and simulation of advanced baseball/softball metrics, will integrate ProPlayAI’s biomechanical analysis directly into its widely used platform.

InMotion Systems, creator of the HitTrax Data Capture and Simulation System, has teamed up with 3MotionAI, creator of ProPlayAI to bring advanced biomechanics directly into the HitTrax platform. The integration of the two technologies will lead to an unprecedented amount of data available to diamond sport coaches and players.

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Capture and analysis of pitched and batted ball data has been widely adopted within the baseball and softball community. The promise of combining this result-driven data with biomechanical analysis has been available to only a select few over the past few years. The new product will democratize this data and lead to new advances for coaches and players.

“Motion capture systems are costly, require specialized technicians, and are obtrusive,” stated Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3MotionAI. “Our solution eliminates the need to place sensors or markers on the athlete and the integration with HitTrax negates the need to purchase motion capture hardware. The integrated platform can be operated by coaches of all levels and will bring movement analysis to the masses.”

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Mike Donfrancesco, CEO & Founder of HitTrax, adds “combining these technologies brings further insight into what makes a player excel. We can now tell you, for example, the optimal angle between shoulders and pelvis needed for a hitter to achieve their maximum exit velocity. This is ‘next level analysis’ and will become a standard on how to improve performance.”

HitTrax will announce the start of a beta program in November with official release expected in early 2022. Facilities and organizations interested in participating in the program are encouraged to contact HitTrax for further information.

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