Hour25.AI Launches New AI-Based Digital Platform to Improve Resilience to Addictive Technologies

Co-Founders Yair Nativ and Amir Raskin Are No Strangers to Success

HOUR25.AIHOUR25.AI, an algorithm-based digital platform is combating a trillion-dollar problem to reduce internet addictions, increase resiliency and improve well-being at home and at work, today launched its beta platform to early adopters and companies.

Co-Founders Yair Nativ and Amir Raskin are no strangers to success. Both are accomplished entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds and a proven track record of success. Yair’s first social venture, saving lives on the roads, made a successful exit to the Israeli government who are still operating it today. His second AI voice assistant business has been recognized by Google as a “company that can change the future.” Prior to HOUR25.AI, Amir sold his first start-up to Oracle for an undisclosed amount.

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HOUR25.AI was born out of the idea that a majority of individuals and professionals at nearly every age range, demographic, psychographic and socio-economic background is lacking more AI-oriented technology that helps users cope with negative aspects of technology, identify time-wasting and other negative behaviors in real-time to shift their focus back to healthier, real-life activity at home and/or at work engagements.

“We are addressing a growing global problem with the unhealthy aspects of technology overuse or mis-use today,” said Yair Nativ, Co-Founder & CEO of HOUR25.AI. “It’s amazing how our personalized model, based on models of learning the user and offering the right interventions at the right moments in time can make meaningful impact for users, both in terms of productivity and well-being.”

The unprecedented magnitude of technological change and wild-west proliferation of various technologies over the past several years alone (i.e. apps, gaming, streaming, social, trading, conferencing, music, metaverse and more) has produced an alarming rise in the number of counter-productive behaviors, internet / mobile phone addictions, mental health issues and other negative consequences, costing individuals, businesses, governments and health care system trillions every year.

In addition, HOUR25.AI has several pilot programs in development with prestigious U.S. universities in which the findings of those studies will be published in the months to come. The company is also conducting a call for additional tech-oriented businesses interested in applying for consideration to leverage its platform for a specialized pilot program to improve workplace productivity, resiliency and wellness.

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