1 hour ZOOM conference becomes only 10MB MP4 video with “Summary Shots”.

A wholly new concept web-conference recording software is now available. Its recorded video is so lightweight that you can even attach it to an email.

Summary ShotsTokyo Properties Ltd. has released a software “Summary Shots” that easily stores web-conferences and webinar. Summary Shots can record them as MP4 videos of only 10MB per hour.

When an web-conference is on, the displayed “slides” are detected by Summary Shots’ AI and saved as still images. Its conversation is also saved as an audio file. After the conference, Summary Shots creates an MP4 video file from these images and audio. Because of this recording method, the amount of created video is overwhelmingly smaller than other screen recording software. The recorded video is so small that you can even attach it to an email or paste it into Slack to share with your team members.

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With Summary Shots, you can record not only Zoom but also Teams, WebEX, Skype, YouTube Live and any other web-conferencing software. You can also record the entire screen if you need.

Since Summary Shots captures the video and audio signals inside your PC, other parties of the conference do not know that you are recording.

Numbers of screenshot images are captured during a web-conference, and it is possible to use only these screenshots. Because these screenshots are uncompressed data, they are higher resolution and higher definition than those after being converted to a video file.

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