Jane.ai Adds HubSpot Integration to Provide Customers Easier Access to Platform Intelligence

Jane.ai Artificial-Intelligence Chatbot Gives HubSpot Users More Flexibility and Provides Support Needed to Maximize Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Efforts

Jane.ai, the first truly AI-Powered Teammate designed for the workplace, officially announced that starting September 1, Jane.ai will release a HubSpot integration to provide users of HubSpot, the leading inbound marketing and sales growth platform, with more flexibility and instant access to the platform’s intelligence.

As organizations rely on more and more tools, employees are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information stored across the various apps, platforms and databases they use to do their jobs. According to HubSpot, 32% of sales reps spend over an hour a day on data entry maintenance with CRM systems that are difficult to navigate. Through the Jane.ai integration, HubSpot users can now source information without ever having to leave the conversational interfaces they use to communicate with their teammates – helping HubSpot users to be more efficient and productive, ultimately saving resources and dollars.

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“When we learned how Jane.ai is automating and improving the workday, we knew she’d be a great fit for HubSpot customers,” said HubSpot Chief Strategy Officer Brad Coffey. “Jane’s HubSpot integration will bring our customers instant, on-the-go access to critical bits of intel from across our Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs, within the channel customers are already using to communicate with their teams. That increased flexibility and access will make it even easier for our customers to achieve their unique business goals.”

HubSpot has also selected Jane.ai to be one of 12 startups featured at Startup Central at this year’s Inbound Conference, September 4th – 7th at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

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Jane connects all of an organization’s siloed information across platforms, apps, teams and databases, and surfaces information through a real-time, conversational interface. When an inquiry is posed to Jane, she connects to the company’s cloud-based apps, mines information from docs and learns the team’s tribal knowledge to provide instant responses. Additionally, as Jane is fully integrated into a variety of the most used workplace communication platforms, including Slack and Skype, there is virtually zero learning curve for most users. For example, a HubSpot user can simply ask Jane, “What is the status of the ACME deal?” or “Show stats for the Halloween landing page” and an accurate response is returned in mere seconds.

“We’re proud to integrate with HubSpot to make it easier for its users to get exactly what they need, when they need it,” said David Karandish, CEO and Founder of Jane.ai. “With the help of Jane, HubSpot users can now tap into the power of their HubSpot data from anywhere, on-the-fly; imagine being able to look up the CTR on an email from an Uber, or the status of the ACME account while walking into a meeting.”

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