CompliancePoint Announces New White Paper on Data Breach Security Measures

White Paper Shows How System Patching & Vulnerability/Penetration Testing Can Help with Prevention

CompliancePoint, a leading provider of information security and risk management services focused on privacy, data security, compliance and vendor risk management, announced a new white paper focused on methods such as system patching and penetration testing used as best practices to prevent a data breach. Nearly a quarter of businesses say it would take them 60 days to detect a breach1; a recent analysis of breaches shows that smaller companies are just as vulnerable as larger ones.

Businesses and Data Management

The frequency of data breaches, like theft, loss or accidental release of private information, is on the rise and this is not just a problem centered around today’s largest companies. Small and mid-sized businesses with fewer data security resources are particularly vulnerable. According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 61% of the data breach victims were businesses with under 1,000 employees. Attacks on smaller businesses can wreak as much damage as the ones making headlines on today’s largest companies.

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System patching and vulnerability testing are two proven methods of preventative strategies organizations of every size can utilize in the protection of sensitive data.  With a number of businesses unaware or unable to implement these strategies, CompliancePoint offers tangible implementation techniques for any organization as outlined in the paper.

Vulnerability, Penetration Testing & Implementation

The only way to make sure something is as secure as possible, is to test it regularly. It is wise for any organization storing, processing and/or sharing data to hire an experienced, respectable Vul/Pen expert to test their security structure. Vulnerability scanning and evaluations are equally important inside and outside a security system.

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How regular penetration testing helps strengthen security and expose vulnerabilities:

  • Exposes real-world risks and vulnerabilities
  • Encourages trust between stakeholders and protects the organizations bottom line
  • Ensures business continuity by eliminating disruptions
  • Follows regulations and certifications to maintain compliance

“Data security and privacy vulnerabilities can expose any organization to a tremendous amount of risk,” said Greg Sparrow, Vice President and General Manager at CompliancePoint. It’s important to understand the importance of a solid data security plan utilizing these proven methods of prevention apply to businesses of all sizes.  This isn’t just a problem for big corporations.”

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