Linguistic Systems, Inc. Announces New Ai Translate Plugin for RelativityOne — The First Full-Service, Cloud-Based Translation Plugin for the SaaS Product

Also Announced: Ai Translate Plugin  for Relativity 9.7 is Now Available

Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) announced the release of its Ai Translate Plugin for RelativityOne (Relativity’s Software-as-a-Service product) and the Ai Translate Plugin for Relativity, version 9.7 (the latest on-premises version of Relativity).

Ai Translate by LSI is an advanced secure hybrid translation services solution formerly branded as Select Translation Service (STS). The solution has been in use for nearly a decade —supporting thousands of users and translating hundreds of millions of pages. Clients include major AmLaw 100 and other international law firms, leading eDiscovery service companies, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Ai Translate by LSI is a hybrid solution offering as many as six translation service levels. They range from raw machine translation (statistical or neural), to machine translation plus human post-editing, to full human translation. Ai Translate also offers advanced analytics and MT engine enhancement to produce a customized output targeted to the client’s source data. This can be followed by a unique meaning-based human revision that corrects errors to achieve a highly accurate, lower-cost result.

The Ai Translate Plugin for RelativityOne and the Ai Translate Plugin for Relativity, version 9.7 enable users of Relativity, the most widely-used eDiscovery solution, to receive these benefits without leaving their Relativity environment, whether in the cloud or on-premises. This allows translations to occur swiftly and more cost-effectively without ordering translation as an outside workflow or spending time to export or import documents.

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Ai Translate by LSI is an originally-developed, proprietary secure SaaS application and set of services. It includes all the following:

  • 5 embedded translation service levels ranging from the highest quality human translation plus editing, to human revision (post-editing) of machine translation output, to rapid inexpensive raw machine translation;
  • Machine Translation using Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology in 64 language pairs;
  • AI Machine Translation using Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology in 14 common language pairs;
  • New MT engines added regularly;
  • Ability to enhance machine translation (MT) results with relevant client data and custom bilingual glossaries of difficult to translate proprietary industry expressions, acronyms, product names, keywords, places, personal names, and unique cultural terms;
  • Ability to order human translation from and to as many as 120 languages by leveraging human translation services from 7,500 translators carefully screened and certified by LSI;
  • Automatic free language detection as part of the translation ordering process;
  • Ability to use several translation levels within the same project to optimize the quality, turnaround time, and cost associated with each content type and translation purpose;
  • Ability to secure consulting expertise and project support from Linguistic Systems’ team of translation experts, leveraging the company’s 51 years of deep knowledge across dozens of industries;
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Systems certification of technology and processes;
  • Additional certifications including ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 17100 Translation Quality Management Systems.

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Drew Deitch, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Relativity, commented, “We’re excited that Linguistic Systems continues to support our commitment to providing the eDiscovery industry with the best tools available by making this new full-service translation tool available in RelativityOne. LSI has been an important Relativity partner for many years.”

Boris Katsevman, Vice President of Engineering, Linguistic Systems, offered: “Our Ai Translate Plugin for RelativityOne represents our most significant engineering effort and most advanced version since we launched the plugin nearly a decade ago, with even more to come.”

Mark Ettinger, Vice President of Linguistic Systems, explained the benefits for clients: “With the recent release of RelativityOne and today’s announcement of the Ai Translate Plugin for RelativityOne, law firms and corporations of all sizes can now gain best-in-class translation capabilities through a secure, fast cloud-based infrastructure. This should significantly expand the use of translation services for eDiscovery and other complex international content-review efforts.”

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