Shopin Strengthens Artificial Intelligence Engine with Stylit Data Acquisition

Shopin Continues Explosive Growth Momentum with Shopper Data Trove from Stylit

Shopin, the first universal shopper profile that delivers the most personal shopping experience on retailers’ websites using blockchain and artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, announced the acquisition of Stylit’s database. The acquisition gives Shopin access to over 5.4 million data points of shopping preferences from style personality and clothing sizes to budget. This powerful asset of aggregate data will strengthen Shopin’s A.I. engine, enabling more accurate and personal product recommendations than ever before.

Shopin will use this valuable, first-party data to teach its A.I. engine to select the best products for shoppers, helping grow and disrupt the future of retail by creating a more sustainable economy.

Shopin Strengthens Artificial Intelligence Engine with Stylit Data Acquisition
Divakar Rayapaty

“In order for us to fine-tune our A.I. engine to deliver the most personalized shopping experience possible, our models are designed to actively learn from every user interaction. This is especially crucial when working with something as personal and unique as fashion. We’re applying state-of-the-art recommender system modeling techniques on highly curated data from Stylit and other sources to train our A.I. to generate recommendations that perform at levels similar to a human personal stylist,” said Shopin Cofounder and CTO Divakar Rayapaty.

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From 2014 to 2016, Stylit offered consumers an online personal stylist experience, mediating between brands and consumers by programmatically aggregating their products into personalized looks. Yaniv Nissim, CEO and Cofounder of GoParrot and former CEO of Stylit said, “The retail space is facing a crossroads. True personalization is the only route forward. I am thrilled that Stylit found a home for our data collection and proud that it will help inform a new paradigm in retail technology and empower shoppers.”

Shopin Strengthens Artificial Intelligence Engine with Stylit Data Acquisition
Eran Eyal

Shopin CEO Eran Eyal added, “Yaniv is a tremendously insightful entrepreneur and his vision for Stylit was ahead of its time. I feel privileged that his work is finding a home in a new era of retail.”

Shopin will not be marketing, sharing or selling shopping data acquired from Stylit. The store of data will solely be used to advance and enhance the capabilities of its A.I. engine, benefiting both shoppers and retailers.

“The Stylit data set is very exciting for me, as it will ultimately enable me to share a curated shopping experience with a much larger consumer base. Shopin’s improved A.I. engine will benefit shoppers all over the world by providing them with tailored recommendations to boost their confidence based on a variety of factors, including the shopper’s mood, size, and silhouette,” said Hollywood Stylist Amanda Weil, CEO & Founder of Accentuated Style.

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