Speakeasy AI Releases The World’s First and Only Active Listening Pilot

Speakeasy AI, the world’s first and only provider of Speech-to-Intent solutions, today announced its revolutionary, low barrier to entry Active Listening Pilot. The pilot process enables customers to utilize Speakeasy AI’s Speech-to-Intent solution to connect to real-time audio streams within IVR or other voice channels to truly understand customer intent. The pilot provides real-time vision into what customers are asking, allowing enterprises to know how its customers are already interacting with its business utilizing AI.

Speakeasy AI Releases The World's First and Only Active Listening Pilot
Frank Schneider

Speakeasy AI’s technology allows businesses to hear what customers are asking for in both real-time and with historical analysis to understand customers’ needs and how they are currently being addressed before building out the answers and corrective actions needed. “Conversational AI should be no different than human communication. Active listening requires you to make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that another person is saying but, more importantly, try to understand the complete message being sent before responding,” said Speakeasy AI CEO Frank Schneider.

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Speakeasy AI’s Active Listening Pilot removes the risks of traditional AI pilots by providing immediate insights into customers’ needs and allowing for true understanding before deploying self-serve solutions. Speakeasy AI’s Chief Customer Officer, Kyle Scofield added, “For too long, launching a new AI platform required a willingness to provide inferior support while the system ‘learned’ on the backs of the customer. Our Active Listening Pilot changes that dynamic, allowing a company to build and validate an effective platform before opening it to their users.”

Active Listening Pilots with Speakeasy AI

  • Show customers’ questions, wants and needs
  • Don’t disrupt current customer experience until ready
  • Require minimal to zero upfront content development
  • Ensure 100% confidence in system build and engine before taking the next step
  • Require limited investment of resources to get started

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