SpotCues Launches, “Slack for the Deskless Workforce”

Leveraging Machine Learning and Automation Provides Micro-Apps, BOTS and Real Time Communications to Improve Productivity of Deskless Workforces

SpotCues, an intelligent enterprise productivity platform, announced the launch, a mobile solution that focusses on improving productivity of deskless workers through role specific micro-apps, digital assistants (aka BOTs), real time communication and collaboration. The solution is primarily targeted at industries such as retail, hospitality and aviation with large deskless workforces. extensively leverages machine learning, automation, workflow and powerful search capabilities to help deskless workers perform tasks from their mobile device and find relevant information quickly.

While Slack has proven the benefit of communication and collaboration for tech workers that are primarily desk-based, unfortunately it does not provide the same benefits to deskless workers. This is because they have many different roles whose productivity needs are fundamentally different; the user is less sophisticated with enterprise and business technology; and there are different scalability, security and deployment concerns.

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“Slack’s phenomenal success among the tech community and its visible absence among deskless workers got us thinking. We understood the exact needs and developed,” said Vijay Pullur, CEO of SpotCues. “One of the key considerations for us was to pack the power behind the scenes and make the user experience so simple as any consumer app, which makes training and rollout costs literally to Zero for organizations.”

After a successful beta that included over 10,000 users from select companies in retail, hospitality and airline industry, is launching it to be made generally available to all customers worldwide. With simple and attractive pricing, the app is an attractive alternative for companies with a large deskless workforce.

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