Synaptics VS680 Multimedia SoC Powers AI-Enriched Display and Vision Features in Askey OmniEdge Smart Signage


Synaptics® Incorporated, announced that Askey, part of ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is using Synaptics’ Multimedia VS680 SoC to enable a range of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled interactive and personalization features in its new OmniEdge Smart Signage solution. The OmniEdge platform, used for kiosk and point-of-sale (PoS) products as part of the Askey X-View total solution, leverages the integrated high-quality dual camera and high-performance neural processing unit (NPU) capabilities of the VS680 platform to create more immersive and responsive experiences in its products.

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“The incorporation of high-quality video and AI into display signage has the potential to completely change how viewers interact with these systems,” said Craig Stein, SVP and GM at Synaptics. “It morphs digital signage from a passive screen to an interactive, intelligent, context-aware experience that brings enormous value to the end consumer. We are very excited that Askey has relied upon the capabilities, flexibility, and low-power performance of our VS680 solution to help them tap the full potential of this experience within the OmniEdge platform.”

The Askey development team took advantage of the VS680 platform’s mature Android SDK and SyNAP™ AI framework to create a highly differentiated, feature-rich solution that includes biometric security, demographic identification, augmented reality, and video conferencing use cases.

“Signage is a rapidly changing market that requires a highly customizable and scalable future-proof platform,” said Robert Lin, CEO at Askey. “With those requirements in mind, we evaluated a number of competitive options and selected Synaptics’ VS680 because it delivers the best combination of performance and features to meet our current and future needs. With the VS680 camera and AI capabilities, we can offer high-performance, field-upgradeable products in a cost-effective manner while meeting stringent time-to-market windows.”

Enabling personalized user experiences
The video processing capabilities supported by the Synaptics VS680’s AI technology offer a significantly enhanced experience through features such as smart framing, voice and face identification, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech. This allows efficient and accurate personalization by identifying the user and enabling interaction with the device in new ways such as:

  • A tourist kiosk facilitating the exploration of different landmarks and personalizing tours through AI-enabled understanding of a tourist’s personality and interests
  • A school kiosk allowing students to get tutoring help from an AI-managed knowledge base
  • Smart signage at the entrance to a barbershop allows customers to change their hairstyle on the screen before sitting in the barber’s chair
  • A kiosk that can initiate a video conference to interact with an information assistant, clerk, or a tutor

The Askey OmniEdge platform will launch in bus stations and tourist information kiosks throughout Taiwan, with multiple future deployments planned.

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