Syndeo Unveils “Arcanine Release” Delivering Artificial Intelligence for Customer Engagement

Syndeo, an innovative technology company on a mission to revolutionise the world of customer service, announced their “Arcanine Release”.

Syndeo unveils “Arcanine Release” delivering Artificial Intelligence for customer engagement

This release combines Syndeo’s proprietary AI technology with an intuitive user interface enabling businesses to create customer service interactions via social messaging apps. Based on the company’s proprietary algorithms, the AI is tailored for customer experience interactions and includes:

  • Intent based matching, which leverages semantic understanding to accurately capture the customer’s intent when engaging a business;
  • Syndeo’s Blended AI model seamlessly combines artificial intelligence with the ability to connect to a real person throughout the customer engagement; and
  • A unique training model which requires a small amount of training data for highly accurate intent recognition and real-time assisted learning as customer interactions are “live”.

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The ethos of the Syndeo approach is to simplify the use of artificial intelligence for businesses to facilitate better communications with their customers. The Arcanine Release enables businesses to

  • Leverage Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber as channels for customer service;
  • Rapidly create business outcomes to reflect the customer reasons for communicating with the organisation;
  • Have an agile approach based on a “code free” user interface for ingraining AI in all facets of the customer interaction;
  • Integrated customer satisfaction surveys to gather real-time feedback; and
  • Enable power users to join an expert community to help customers resolve their queries.

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Oliver Lennon, CEO and co-founder of Syndeo commented: “We are re-defining customer communications to meet the needs of the new generation of customer and improve relationships between consumers and brands”.

“Customers today expect more. They demand instant experiences, instant access with no hassle; they don’t want endless hold music, confusing options and call centre agents with limited knowledge. With our Arcanine Release we have been running a number of closed betas within enterprise organisations. We are pleased at how quickly they have adopted the platform and successfully used our AI capability to help them plan their migration from the old-world telephony solutions to a truly digital experience for their customers.”

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