Bigtincan Acquires FatStax to Create New Platform to Tie Sales Enablement and Data together

Enterprises Need a Better Way to Map Their Business Process from Crm to Sales Enablement – Adding Fatstax Technology to Bigtincan Hub Platform Allows Businesses to Connect Data from Crm to Front Line Sellers

Bigtincan, the leader in mobile, AI-powered sales enablement automation, announced the acquisition of FatStax, a sales enablement leader creating end-to-end connections across CRM and sales enablement. Through this acquisition, Bigtincan will be the first sales enablement platform that lets businesses map their entire buyer journey from CRM to field and inside sellers. The acquisition also expands Bigtincan’s existing sales enablement offerings as well as builds the company’s presence in the Midwestern region of the US This announcement was made at Dreamforce 2018, taking place September 25-28 in San Francisco.

Today, @Bigtincan announced the acquisition of FatStax.

FatStax pioneered the ability for salespeople to extend sales enablement from customer engagement through ordering with the FatStax Catalogs product. FatStax technology has been used in key verticals including life sciences and manufacturing to drive increased revenue and productivity in distributed sales teams. In pairing Bigtincan’s AI-powered sales enablement solution with FatStax’s market expertise in key verticals, Bigtincan is uniquely positioned to support sales representatives to improve customer engagement and drive deal closures.

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“We are thrilled to welcome the FatStax team to the Bigtincan family,” said David Keane, co-founder and CEO of Bigtincan. “FatStax brings unmatched expertise in enabling success for sales teams in today’s evolving market. In the face of uncertainty when it comes to global trade and product tariffs, the ability to map the entire buyer journey from engagement to order across catalogs of products is paramount to amplifying customer service and driving deal closures. We see this as a huge asset to enhance our existing platform, and continue to build our portfolio offerings as we look to meet the needs of sales teams across industries.”

FatStax’s mobile sales tool transforms spreadsheets, paper catalogs and website content into modern digital catalogs, updating relevant product data instantly, answering customer questions and linking deeply into processes inside CRM. FatStax technology foundation is built using some of’s most innovative technologies like Heroku and AppExchange, and enables mobile users with a native Apple iOS solution. This announcement comes on the heels of and Apple announcing a strategic partnership to kick off the week at Dreamforce. Bigtincan offers a unique approach to building a tech stack with extensive capabilities for both Apple and FatStax technology adds to this position, uniting these enhanced capabilities with Bigtincan’s already comprehensive, AI-powered sales enablement platform.

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“Bigtincan’s industry leading AI approach and global footprint gives us a significant opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths and move even faster towards our shared long term vision,” said co-founder Mark Walker. FatStax CEO Rusty Bishop added, “FatStax’s core mission has always been to transform sales people into trusted advisors with the ability to answer customers’ deep questions anywhere, anytime and help them operate faster than ever before.”

With headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and facilities in San Diego and Detroit, FatStax will also provide an opportunity for Boston-based Bigtincan to continue grow its U.S. market presence, especially in the Midwestern region, and expand its world-class talent pool, bringing FatStax’s employees onboard at Bigtincan.

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