Viant’s Next Generation AI Bid Optimizer Raises the Bar

Significantly Improves Advertiser Performance

Viant Technology Inc., a leading advertising technology company, today announced the launch of the latest version of its AI Bid Optimizer, a significant upgrade to the AI-driven bidding solution offered within its demand-side platform (DSP). This update further demonstrates Viant’s commitment to providing AI tools that help advertisers achieve superior results in their programmatic buying efforts

The upgraded AI Bid Optimizer is powered by a deep learning neural network trained on Viant’s entire bid stream and is capable of processing millions of requests per second. In a test earlier this year using a control framework, Viant’s next gen AI Bid Optimizer demonstrated a 100% performance improvement over its predecessor. Viant introduced the first version of AI Bid Optimizer last year, which quickly revolutionized marketers’ abilities to achieve better bid price discovery, real-time data processing, and predictive ad performance capabilities.

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“Our latest AI Bid Optimizer model is another example of why clients choose the Viant platform,” said Fabrizio Blanco, Chief Technology Officer at Viant. “As a leader in programmatic advertising technology, we go beyond merely releasing innovative AI solutions. We are dedicated to continually enhancing our products and services to boost efficiency, optimize advertising budgets, and fully leverage the potential of data-driven marketing for our clients.”

As a buy-side only platform, Viant is committed to securing the most efficient rates for its advertisers, many of which are focused on delivering strong return on investment for their campaigns; this updated model to AI Bid Optimizer enables clients to maximize their advertising efficiency and effectiveness.

“We adopted AI Bid Optimizer in Q3 2023 and have seen media cost savings range from 24%-40% depending on channel and campaign type,” said Conor Finnegan, VP of Media Operations at Juice Media. “For one client, we executed a performance campaign and leveraging AI Bid Optimizer, we tripled our performance…it just works.”

Since its inception, AI Bid Optimizer has added value and significantly enhanced the advertising efforts of Viant’s clients. Now, the advancements introduced by the next generation AI Bid Optimizer set a new benchmark for programmatic efficiency and performance, ensuring advertisers achieve optimal results in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. By harnessing the power of advanced AI, Viant continues to lead the way in programmatic advertising technology.

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