RoboKiller Enterprise, a suite of FCC-compliant robocall mitigation solutions for voice network providers, today released The State of STIR/SHAKEN, an analysis of the FCC’s anti-caller ID spoofing framework. The report details the standard’s efficacy in slowing spoofed spam calls since its mid-2021 release and reveals that the initial response from voice service providers (VSPs) has been underwhelming.

A set of interconnected standards designed to put an end to caller ID spoofing, STIR/SHAKEN was implemented by the FCC to combat the 6+ billion robocalls Americans receive every month. Although STIR/SHAKEN seemed to make an immediate impact in July 2021, the first month after the implementation deadline, spoofed spam calls quickly rebounded. Overall, calls utilizing spoofed caller IDs made up approximately 40% of spam calls in the several months before and after the cutoff date.

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RoboKiller Enterprise Can Help

All VSPs must either satisfy STIR/SHAKEN requirements or institute a robocall mitigation program by mid-2022. RoboKiller Enterprise can help with either, or both.

Until all VSPs and carriers implement STIR/SHAKEN, RoboKiller Enterprise does not believe the framework will make a significant impact in reducing spoofed spam calls. Even then, it’s unlikely to fix the problem alone. A robocall mitigation plan is the best course of action for full and comprehensive protection.

Key Solutions

  • RoboKiller Enterprise’s award-winning, best-in-class robocall blocking technology eliminates 99% of spam calls.
  • Our audio fingerprinting technology is spoof-resistant. By examining the audio within calls, RoboKiller Enterprise can protect your network from caller ID spoofing.
  • With a robust database of over 600 million scam numbers, your business network is protected against known scammers.
  • Our easy-to-integrate robocall mitigation capabilities include blocklists, call data record analysis, caller reputation scores, brand reputation monitoring, and more.

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